Amsoil - The best synthetic motor oil.

It is a well know fact that car dealerships and those quick-lube places make enormous amounts of profit from customers with vehicles that are not performing to their potential. Let's think about this logically. These car dealerships and quick-lube stations are not going to recommend the very best products for your vehicle. Are they bad products? No. Are they the best products? No, because it is against their best interest to give you something to put in your vehicle that will make you come back less often!

Usually you will hear advice such as you should change your oil every 3000 miles with most conventional oils which isn't necessary when using Amsoil which is formulated carefully and with the highest technology possible. Amsoil is formulated to protect your vehicle and reduce maintenance costs. Auto companies, dealerships, and mechanics know that it can cost profits in the long term if they recommend a synthetic oil such as Amsoil for your vehicle. They want you to keep coming in as many times as possible. You even get their mailings with a coupon to lure you in stating that it is time to come in for another oil change which is usually a long wait and sometimes you need to make an appointment.

Most conventional motor oil only has a film strength of around 400 p.s.i. whereas Amsoil has a film strength of 3,300 p.s.i. which means it will not break down under extreme heat, stress, and will not lose viscosity. Regular oil will break down and will leave carbon deposits, varnish and sludge in your vehicle's engine which will cause your engine to wear much more quickly. Search your vehicle and find Amsoil products for your vehicle which will save you time and money. Depending on your vehicle, you can find an oil and a filter that can last up to 15,000 or 25,000 miles while providing superior protection!

Search your vehicle and protect your car, truck, or van!