You Have Found The Best Synthetic Oil On The Market. Amsoil Is Made In The U.S.A.

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Save money by changing your car oil every 15,000 miles instead of every 3000-5000 with our Signature Series oil. You spend less hours a year changing oil, and less time at the shop giving you more time to do the things you love.


Synthetic oils let you avoid dealing with the engine sludge that conventional oils create. This protects your car and can improve long-term performance. Protects from extended operation hours such as driving for Uber or Lyft.


Protects your engine at hot temperatures. Perfect for anyone who has a performance engine.Protects engine from extreme winter colds and long drives in hot weather.


Expertly engineered, Amsoil is the best on the market. There’s a reason it’s the only oil high performance engines and jet planes use. If they use it, you can bet you should too.


Almost all luxury vehicles require synthetic oil. If you have a high end or performance car, don’t risk using anything else.


Performance tests and technical studies have consistently demonstrated high quality throughout the company's history.

Change your oil only once a year with our Signature Series motor oil!

Thank you for visiting Search For Parts where you will find the best synthetic oil in 2024. Please view the independent study in the video titled "Who Wins Championship?" below before making your decision. The video made by an independent third-party tested many synthetics and reveals the winner.

Not Convinced?

Synthetics Work Better In The Cold

This is extremely important if you live far north and have extreme temperatures. But even if you don’t: synthetics protect your engine from dangerous cold-starts in the middle of the winter. This is because they flow better even when it is extremely cold.

Better For Long Distance

Your engine gets extremely hot the longer you drive it. Synthetic oil holds up in those long periods. Synthetic oil doesn’t get ripped apart by the heat, and stays in place lubricating and protecting your engine.

Lubricating Protection

Your engine wears itself out the more you use it. By using the best synthetic oil out there you protect your engine from getting damaged and forcing you to make more costly visits to the repair shop.

We have awesome oil for your boat or semi-truck.

If you do choose Amsoil, you not only prolong the life of your engine with the best synthetic oil made in the U.S.A. but you also get the best synthetic oil for your engine, saving you time, money, and costly repairs, especially if your car is out of warranty. Keeping your car? Make it last and avoid repairs!

Also, check out our look-up guide by clicking the menu above on the top of the page. After choosing your vehicle you will see what kind of oil your vehicle needs, the amount in quarts, the type of filter for your engine, and other products for your vehicle. Thank you for visiting Search For Parts.

You are wasting tremendous amounts of money by not using the best synthetic oil. If that sounds bad enough… you will also DESPISE hearing it also dramatically reduces your engine’s long-term performance.

That means your car won’t last as long, and you will have to make more costly visits to the car shop. If you used synthetic oil you would spend three to six times less money on oil changes.

Yeah, that’s not a typo. Most people find it impossible to believe that with Amsoil you only need to switch your oil every 12,000-25,000 miles.


"I’ve been using Signature Series engine oil in various viscosities for about twenty years. I change my oil at 15,000 mile intervals and have zero engine problems and at 100,000 miles on most of the previous cars and trucks I have never had to add any oil between changes. The inside of my engines are as clean as new, and there is no evidence of the brown varnish that coats the internals of the engine that is evident with most engine oils these days."
Charles, a verified buyer.
"I've been a preferred customer for about 5, 6 years now been using Amsoil for 15 years All their products are great I use them in my Subarus used them in my Toyota's my Hondas and my son's Corvette They make very good products to stand behind every one of them very good products."
Greg, a verified buyer
"My uncle who owned a shop when he was alive ran nothing but Amsoil. Didn’t know why but he loved the product. Many many years later I see why ! I’ve used Mobil 1 in all my cars for years thinking it was the best until I watched a YouTube channel Called project farm. Amsoil out performed all the rest and now have been using Amsoil for awhile now. Won’t change back. Other oils like Mobil 1 may be cheaper but that’s what u get !"
Rammy, a verified buyer

Keeping your vehicle? Synthetic oil will save you money on repairs!

Using synthetic oil always costs you less money than normal oil. But most people have no idea how regular oil damages your engine.

How bad it is depends on how far you usually drive. If your daily commute is less than 20 miles… then normal oil is KILLING your engine in the long run. This is because the oil doesn’t get hot enough to boil off moisture condensation.

You wake up, hop in your car, and start driving. If it isn’t a 20 mile drive, some of you engine gets hot, the rest stays cold. All the humidity is pushed from the hot part to the cold one… and stays there! Your engine doesn’t get hot enough to evaporate because only parts of it get hot. So all the humidity stays in your engine, and does massive amounts of long term damage. Need proof?

Go to your engine right now and open the oil cap. You’ll see a whitish goo on the cap, your engine’s dipstick, and inside the valve cover. Over the years, this leads to engine problems, reduced performance. Finally: you have to change your oil more often. You have to spend even more time taking your car to the shop and spend EVEN more money buying oil. Amsoil is the best synthetic oil on the market. It keeps your engine clean and makes changing the oil a once a year thing.

Lookup guides and resources. We verify information from owner's manuals and research.

Check out our growing article lookup guide database to search the capacity and oil type of your car, truck, or motorcycle.

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This page was updated on April 16, 2024 by Joseph Feghali, Authorized Amsoil Dealer

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  1. Bought this oil. Has to be the best synthetic oil ever since my car was burning up oil for no reason, had no leak and this solved it! Also it’s great that I don’t have to visit a dealership or oil change place for a year. I drive around 15,000 miles per year and this oil is built to last that. Saving money too and I have peace of mind that my engine has the best oil.

  2. wow. thank you for that video, so confusing these days as to which is the better synthetic. the best part is that it was an independent study not biased. Just ordered since I will be keeping my vehicle for a while and need to make the engine last. thanks!

  3. Michael from Boise

    Buying this since it is made in the USA oil and supports jobs. Not giving my money to a big corp. Not only that this oil is the real deal and top quality.

  4. This oil is fantastic. just saw this new comment section been buying amsoil for years now and I must say it has never let me down. I change my oil every 6 months due to heavy driving and the oil is clean each time I change it. The look up guide you have here on the menu makes things easier to find the best oil filter that will actually fit my vehicle, no guessing game thank you.

  5. Hello! Found this because I always see my neighbor using Amsoil, I asked him about it and he hardly has any engine repairs, said it was the best synthetic oil out on the market. I did not believe it until I saw the video posted here, thank you will order now.

  6. Saw your pin on Pinterest and I am convinced. My older brothers always said that synthetic was the best for a car and now I see what they are talking about. Great concept changing the oil 1 time a year, I have no patience, lol.

  7. ivars farg henan

    Hey there! Someone in my Facebook group shared
    this website with us so I came to look it over.
    I’m definitely loving the information. I’m book-marking and will be tweeting
    this to my followers! Wonderful blog and superb style and design.

  8. This is the best synthetic oil. Came back here to order oil again. Last oil change when I looked at this oil it was still clean. That means my engine was running well. I always buy the recommended filter when looking up my oil here. Then take it to my mechanic and he charges me labor, done for a year! x 4 because we have 4 vehicles in the house, get em all done in one day and not worry about it for 12 months.

    That is awesome. I also had my doubts about this oil made in the U.S.A. and I was wrong, it is. That is a bonus. My friends are in and out of quick lube shops every 3-4 months, not me!

  9. I don’t know squat about changing oil but I do know one thing, not going to the dealer ever again to wait and pay for who knows what they really put in the engine, although it might not be bad but they want me to come back fast. I just order Amsoil and a filter, plus some fuel cleaner each year and take it to my mechanic with some wipers that I buy on Amazon.

    that’s it! No hassles and no issues with my car!

  10. I ordered some transmission fluid and when I searched my vehicle it showed me the quarts and type of transmission fluid I needed for my 2018 Chevrolet Malibu. I don’t need an oil change now but will come back to order the synthetic oil and filter for my car. I like Mobil 1 but this is much better after doing my research.

  11. Thank you for the video by Project Farm. They have no affiliation and no monetary interest in the products they review. I was very surprised to see Amsoil come ahead as the best synthetic oil. I guess years of marketing by other companies lead you to believe that their product is better.

    Having said that, all synthetics are decent and provide much better engine protection than a regular oil so it does come down to personal preference. I am going to think this out as I am picky about what I put in my vehicle, but will consider Amsoil as I want the best protection, even if it is slightly better. Most blogs and landing pages just hype things up to make the sale. I give you credit for backing it up with proof so I know if I do purchase Amsoil, it wasn’t just hype.

    Again, I appreciate the information and enjoy reading your articles/blogs.

    If this comment is approved, thank you for being fair and publishing my comment.

  12. In my family we have 4 vehicles, the wife, mine, and my two daughters. Guess who has “oil change duty”? ME! I feel like I am in and out of the dealership constantly throughout the year.. So I did research and found this page. I just want to say THANK YOU!!! I saw your article on taking the oil to a local mechanic. I just solved my problem wasting time changing the oil 3 times a year, and with 4 vehicles that is 12 trips to the dealership! I am done with that!

    I am buying Amsoil for the 4 vehicles which should last a year because our vehicles use the signature series so we should be good for the entire year. I still have to make 4 trips to the local mechanic but that is way better than 12!!! Only regret is not finding out about this earlier!

  13. I am upset (at myself) that I did not run into this page previously. I already bought 5 quarts of Pennzoil. Will bookmark this page for the next purchase, thanks. Good info and good articles as well.

  14. I was on a car forum and someone mentioned this site. Saw the video and now I know what oil is the best synthetic oil out there. I do know all synthetics provide protection but my car which is a 2013 Corvette is approaching 100k and need something that is top notch! Gonna also change every other fluid such as transmission and coolants, also brake fluid with Amsoil products!

  15. Excellent oil! I ordered many months ago, ordered again and received 4 quarts to change again…When I went to change my oil it was still clean. It always looked dirty before with regular oil which cannot be good for an engine. I can see the difference. Great stuff thanks.


  16. a forum sent me here, going to try it for my Mercedes C300, it’s a 2015 and the dealer wants so much money to flush all the fluids out, going to buy here and do it myself or if I cannot find the time, I will take everything to a mechanic.

  17. I ended up here by searching for solutions to excessive oil consumption for no reason in my Buick. Going to order to try it out, it’s worth a shot since there is no leak and the engine passed a full inspection. Either way the oil looks solid for maximum protection, hope it reduces the oil consumption.

  18. wasnt going to order here and change my oil with your products because it seemed expensive but I did the math and since my car has the signature series available when I searched my vehicle, that means it will last for a year since I drive 12,000 miles or a year. Comparing that with the 3-4 visits to the shop where I change my oil at it actually is a bit cheaper to buy the oil here. Yes I have to pay more upfront but over a year it is worth it and who knows what brand oil they use at the local shop I was going to. sorry for any errors I am using a phone to type this, just wanted to say it is worth it

  19. great oil! been driving tons of miles and this product reduces the times I have to change it, I drive so many miles that I needed an oil change every 2 months, now it is every 6 months, much better. also bought the quickshot engine cleaner used it and must have cleaned something out my engine is running smoother now, thank you

  20. I have heard of Amsoil for decades but never used it until now but always heard good things and looked up many videos and it seems as if their filters and oil are top quality from all the independent reviews. Although most synthetics are great I chose Amsoil because I wanted something top quality for my 2015 Ford Explorer since I need the engine to last for many years, not planning on selling it anytime soon. Also my wife’s VW Jetta will be receiving a full engine flush with Amsoil products(oil, transmission, coolant) as we plan to keep that vehicle for a while as well.

  21. My cousin sent me here and he recommended to change all my fluids in all vehicles and a truck that I own. A few weeks later I noticed less burning oil in the truck. Must be good stuff.

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