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Hopefully you will choose a synthetic oil for your next oil change, even if you do not choose our oil since any synthetic oil is better than any regular oil.

If you do choose Amsoil, you not only prolong the life of your engine with the best synthetic oil made in the U.S.A. but you preserve American jobs which helps American workers and their families. The money you spend on Amsoil goes back into our economy.

Please view the independent study in the video below to make your decision. Thank you for your time and stay safe!

Regular oil is destroying your engine!

You are wasting tremendous amounts of money by not using the best synthetic oil. If that sounds bad enough… you will also DESPISE hearing it also dramatically reduces your engine’s long-term performance. That means your car won’t last as long, and you will have to make more costly visits to the car shop.

Believe it or not: if you used synthetic oil you would spend three to six times less money on oil changes. So you are currently wasting $41, $74, or even $129 a year.

Yeah, that’s not a typo. Most people find it impossible to believe that with Amsoil you only need to switch your oil every 12,000-25,000 miles.


Save money by changing your oil every 15-25,000 miles instead of every 3000-5000. You spend less hours a year changing oil, and less time at the shop.


Synthetic oils let you avoid dealing with the engine sludge that conventional oils create. This protects your car and can improve long-term performance.


Protects your engine at hot temperatures. Perfect for anyone who has a performance engine or drives for hours at a time. Protects engine from extreme winter colds and long drives in hot weather.


Expertly engineered, Amsoil is the best on the market. There’s a reason it’s the only oil high performance engines and jet planes use. If they use it, you can bet you should too.


Almost all luxury vehicles require synthetic oil. If you have a high end or performance car, don’t risk using anything else.


Performance tests and technical studies have consistently demonstrated high quality throughout the company's history.

Better Performance At A Lower Budget

You save so much money because you have to change your oil much less frequently.

This depends on your engine’s filter… but most non-synthetic oil has to be changed every 3000-5000 miles.

You also keep your engine cleaner, and protect it from extreme temperatures.

Right now, you are wasting your hard earned cash by not using the world’s most technologically advanced synthetic oil.

Now, this isn’t some miracle oil that makes your engine run like if it was brand-spankin’ new. But it will get you as close to it as possible. Guaranteed.

"I’ve been using this oil in all of my vehicles, the oldest being a 2002 chevy with over 200k miles I have had no major engine work done and it runs as smooth as the day I purchased it. This is by far the best synthetic oil, you know the saying you get what you pay for!"
-John S.
"My Ford truck has 90,000+ miles on it and I have been using Amsoil. The truck still runs great. Amazing lubricant for extreme temperatures and towing! I can't even imagine using something else. Saves me time and money! I wish I found out about Amsoil years ago."
-Steven B.
"I have a 2001 Dodge Dakota and I was using Mobil 1 full synthetic and burning a quart of oil every 2 thousand miles. I gave Amsoil a try and after 3 thousand miles on the Amsoil oil change my Dakota has not burned any oil. That is a good oil.
-Carl B.

Why Normal Oil Is Terrible For Your Engine

Your Engine Runs Extremely Hot. It Needs Protection.
The more you run your car, the more the different metal parts come in contact with each other. This creates heat. The heat and contact RIPS oil molecules apart. The older the car, the more worn the parts are, the more oil molecules get ripped.

These ripped molecules build up and damage your car. They also fail to protect your engine from damaging itself when it is running.

Using Synthetic Oil Always Costs You Less Money Than Normal Oil

Using synthetic oil always costs you less money than normal oil. But most people have no idea how normal oil damages your engine. How bad it is depends on how far you usually drive.

If your daily commute is less than 20 miles… then normal oil is KILLING your engine in the long run. This is because the oil doesn’t get hot enough to boil off moisture condensation.

You wake up, hop in your car, and start driving. If it isn’t a 20 mile drive, some of you engine gets hot, the rest stays cold. All the humidity is pushed from the hot part to the cold one… and stays there! Your engine doesn’t get hot enough to evaporate because only parts of it get hot. So all the humidity stays in your engine, and does massive amounts of long term damage.

Need proof? Go to your engine right now and open the oil cap. You’ll see a whitish goo on the cap, your engine’s dipstick, and inside the valve cover.

Over the years, this leads to engine problems, reduced performance. Finally: you have to change your oil more often. You have to spend even more time taking your car to the shop and spend EVEN more money buying oil. Amsoil is the best synthetic oil on the market. It keeps your engine clean and makes changing the oil a once a year thing.

Not Convinced?

Synthetics Work Better In The Cold

This is extremely important if you live far north and have extreme temperatures. But even if you don’t: synthetics protect your engine from dangerous cold-starts in the middle of the winter. This is because they flow better even when it is extremely cold.

Better For Long Distance

Your engine gets extremely hot the longer you drive it. Synthetic oil holds up in those long periods. Synthetic oil doesn’t get ripped apart by the heat, and stays in place lubricating and protecting your engine.

Lubricating Protection

Your engine wears itself out the more you use it. By using the best synthetic oil out there you protect your engine from getting damaged and forcing you to make more costly visits to the shop.