What Type of Transmission Fluid Does a 2008 Nissan Altima Need?

Updated on February 20th, 2023 by Searchforparts.com

The 2008 Altima is available in three different engines (one is a hybrid) and the automatic transmission fluid type and capacity needed may be different for each engine. Also, we will mention how to find information for a manual transmission.

What kind of transmission fluid does my 2008 Altima take?


This depends on the engine so make sure you double-check which engine you have to avoid engine damage. If you have a 2.5L or 3.5L engine (not hybrid), then the required fluid is CVT fluid NS-2 . See below for oil that meets the NS-2 requirement stated by Nissan in the manual. Mixing fluids or using something else that is not NS-2 will damage the engine. If your Nissan is a 2.5L Hybrid then it takes Nissan Matic W Automatic Transmission fluid. Please make sure you identify if you have a hybrid or not as the fluids are completely different.

What is the transmission capacity (total fill)?


The 2.5L/4-cylinder needs 8.8 quarts, the 3.5L or 6-cylinder needs 10.8 quarts, and the 2.5L Hybrid needs 4.3 quarts. All of these capacities are total fill.

I need to see the owner’s manual for either the gas engine or hybrid engine, do you have a copy?


We have the following links for each vehicle. 

2008 Nissan Altima Owner’s Manual

2008 Nissan Altima Owner’s Manual (Hybrid engine)

We have CVT fluid for your 2008 Nissan Altima. As long as your engine is not hybrid, the following fluid is compatible and exceeds the requirements stated by Nissan. See the testing image below and upgrade your CVT fluid now! Either fluid is compatible, whether you buy the Nissan fluid or Amsoil, but if you want something better then click below and see more technical specifications and details on this tough fluid!


2008 Altima CVT Fluid

This fluid meets the NS2 requirement by Nissan. It is for the 2.5 or 3.5L engine (not for the hybrid engine). Click below for more technical specifications.


Nissan Vs. Amsoil

Nissan NS2 vs. Amsoil tested! Look at the pictures and you can see Amsoil is a tough fluid! Click below for more information .

Do you have engine oil and other products for my Nissan?


Yes, a100% fully synthetic oil and not a blend is available to give you great protection against friction, wear, and sludge. Click the link below to upgrade and see other products for your Nissan or another vehicle.

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