The Top List of Free Stuff for Maintaining Your Vehicle to Save you Time and Money!

Search For Parts – Updated February 1, 2020

We are going to list everything you can get for free when it comes to maintaining your car or truck! Taking care of your vehicle saves you time and money and we hope you enjoy this list!

Free Check Engine Light Scan!

check engine light

Have you ever looked at your dash and yelled “oh no!” as you saw the check engine light turn on? This can cause some anxiety but no worries! There are places that will plug in a machine into your vehicle and scan it for the code. The code can then tell you what is wrong with the engine or other part. Even though you can probably go to the dealer to get it scanned for free, you are stuck there for possibly hours and hours or even worse, you have to leave it for the day which messes up your schedule. After the ordeal, you will probably just tell them to fix it since you already have the vehicle there and now pay double or more! With the code, you can maybe do it yourself or pay less at an independent mechanic shop rather than the dealer price!

Solution! Stop into AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts. They specifically state on their website that they will scan your engine and give you the code for free. Then you can actually google the code right there and see how severe the issue is before you drive even further. The process should take no longer than 15 minutes and you are not trapped at a car dealership! You also have the option to get an estimate based on the code before you choose the dealer or a reputable mechanic! How cool is that! 

Let’s face it, after a long day wait at the dealership, you will just probably leave it there instead of driving away. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone. 

Free Flat Tire Repair and Free Tire Pressure Check!

flat tire

Goodyear, according to their website, has been offering free flat tire repair. You would figure most places would charge for this. That is a cool service because those tire sealants in a can aren’t that great for your tires. If they are able to fix it, it is free of charge! If not, well you will need a new tire, but it’s worth the visit since you needed a new tire anyway, they can just replace the damaged tire.

You never want to drive on a damaged tire or a tire that keeps leaking so just find your nearest Goodyear location, they are everywhere!

The free tire pressure check is also good because proper tire pressure helps fuel economy and better tread wear. GoodYear Free Flat Tire Repair

Free Wiper Blade Installation and Free Battery Installation!


Are your windshield wipers squeaking or not cleaning the water off the glass as it smears and streaks blocking you vision? Just drop by Advance Auto Parts, pick the wipers that you would like and ask them to install! Simple! You need wipers anyway, so you might as well buy them at a store that will install them for free. Who wants the hassle of installing wiper blades, especially while it is raining (bad attempt at humor here, I know!) but seriously speaking, it can be a hassle to change the blades. Skip the online shopping of wiper blades (see, no affiliate link here) and go to Advance Auto Parts.  Advance Auto Wiper Blades Installation for Free

Advance Auto does it again with another great service, free battery installation. You think wiper blades are a hassle to install, well who wants to change their own battery, especially if your battery has corrosion on the terminals. 

Just walk into their location, buy the battery and they will take out the old one and put the new one in! Very nice service. Saves time and who wants to go sit in a waiting room at the dealership watching reruns of some cheesy show to change a battery? Plus they state they will test your battery, starter, and alternator for free according to their site! Advance Auto Free Battery Installation

Free Microfiber Cloth and Car Fresheners!


Get free microfiber cloths and car fresheners from the following sites. Try it out, you never know! The first two links seem to belong to a car wash in Florida but they ask for your information to send out a free sample. Wonder how you would get your car to be washed if you live in California, but hey, they state that they will send you a free microfiber cloth to dry your vehicle as microfiber won’t scratch the paint! The second link below is for a free car freshener. 

Free microfiber Cloth

Free air freshener

Also, the following links is for a company that sells scented candles and offer a free car freshener as well, check them out. Their products look great and you will be supporting small business here in the U.S.A. Visit them at the following link on facebook. Salt City Candles
Car and Driver Magazine for Free!

According to the following site, a free subscription to Car and Driver magazine is available. Worth a try, you never know! Looks legit and if you are a big car fan then this is the magazine for you. Site looks legit and when it comes to finding free stuff, we are too legit to quit, as the old song by MC Hammer says. Click here if you care for the song, if not, visit the following to get free magazines.

Free magazine offer here!

Free Synthetic Oil Products Catalog!

Order your free catalog to protect your vehicle with synthetic motor oil. It has been researched and proven that synthetic oil protects your engine way better than conventional motor oil. This catalog also has other products such as coolants and transmission fluids. You won’t have to change your oil for a year! Much better than visiting a dealership or lube place 4 times a year and watching some snoozefest rerun on a tube tv, right? Just go to this site synthetic motor oil and on the menu look for free catalog, click and fill out your info!

Free Subscription to AutoWeek Magazine.

Another free magazine offer. Don’t know if the magazine is good or not, but hey, worst case scenario you can put them on a table in your office or give them away. Click here for the free offer!

Tons of Various Free Items for your Car Hack!!!

free car stuff from alibaba

Go to the site which is a directory of manufacturers and suppliers of pretty much any product you can think of! In the search box on the top of the page, type “free sample car products” and woohoo! Look at all of these companies offering free products for your vehicle or truck!

From brake parts cleaners, engine degreasers, leather cleaners, and car shampoo! The list is endless! There are hundreds of products and many of the manufacturers offer a free sample. They will have a link to request the product that you like! You can do other searches that are more specific. For example, a search for “free sample car wax” will give you tons of results! Hmm, if someone goes there and orders a free sample from each listing, that person will have enough car wax to last for months!!

Griot’s Garage Free Automotive Handbook

Here is a site with tons of products and information on car care. They seem very reputable and their website is very nice. They offer a free catalog of products from polishes and waxes to buffers and pads. Order your free automotive handbook catalog here

Well we hope you have enjoyed our top list for free stuff for your vehicle. If we find anything else we will update this article. Please share with friends and family while you dance to MC Hammer. 🙂

Order the best synthetic oil for your car or truck and save time and money! Find out how here.

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  1. didnt know advance auto will install battery for free! thank you, going to buy the oil here as well, getting rid of regular oil as it builds up sludge in my accord

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