The Best Recommended Synthetic Oil for the Road Warrior

Updated January 25, 2020.

Have you ever been to the car dealership and just sit there and wait for over an hour or even two to have your oil changed as you daydream about your next vacation or think about what is for dinner? Many dealerships now want you to schedule an appointment to change your oil if you live in a metropolitan area. 

These appointments vary from the most awesome convenient time of 7 in the morning or the most fun time of 1 in the afternoon which is what you wished for, to put a dent in your day, right? (Sarcastic tone here.) I have even been at a dealership where I was informed that the wait was 4 hours for the service!

So instead of going to the car dealership you search for a quick lube place. You head out there on a Saturday because you had a busy work week and you want to save time. Saturday is your day off and it should be for spending it with family, watching sports, going out to eat, or just good ole sleeping in with nothing to do on a lazy rainy day. 

Well guess what! Everyone is going there to change their oil too on a weekend! You see a long line and you walk inside and sit down to watch some rerun of Judge Judy or People’s Court. Then as you look through the waiting room’s window and watch your vehicle get it’s oil changed, it is just from a small variety of pumps from the ceiling as if oil is one size fits all for over 20,000 different cars and trucks out there. In addition to this, if your car requires synthetic oil, then you will be paying a hefty price just to return to do it all over again in 4 months or so because the oil they put in your car was decent, but not top notch.

Do you enjoy watching lame reruns of shows at your neighborhood quick lube place as people flood the entrance and you have to get out of the car and go inside? (Hopefully it is on a flat screen and not some old 90’s tube television!) Does this sound like fun to you? If so you can google the nearest quick lube place now and stop reading this! But if you want to save time, money, and your engine then read on Mr. or Ms. road warrior!!

The Solution

There is a solution to wasting time at the dealership or quick lube place because you really don’t have to change your oil that often. You can save time and money by putting in a synthetic oil that is tested over decades and has helped people remove the hassle of constantly changing oil in their vehicle. What if I told you there is an oil that will last up to 15,000 or for some vehicles even 25,000 miles. You are probably saying “great!” but maybe you hesitate to buy this oil because you have no idea how to change the oil yourself nor the tools to do so.

Here is the solution! Pick up the phone and call your local mechanic shop! I did! I asked and he gladly said “sure, you can bring your own oil and I will put it in!” I was relieved! This is not a big deal and if it is it is time to find a new mechanic. Any honest mechanic will quickly accept and not try to talk you out of it to sell you something else. My visit to change my oil to Amsoil synthetic oil was a whopping $22, plus he installed new wipers that I brought him which were in my trunk. I got them on Amazon and although I could have installed them myself, I was so busy with work and other things in life that I had forgotten that they were in my trunk until I went to put my shipment from Amsoil in the trunk and saw the wipers there. After my local mechanic changed my oil and wipers, he left half a quart that was left over in my trunk, really honest guy!

Cick here to buy recommended synthetic motor oil for your truck or car.

If you go to the dealership and bring your own oil your result may vary as I have not tried this yet. If you feel better going to your local Toyota, Chevrolet, Ford, Honda or other dealership then pick up the phone and call a service rep and see what he says. It cannot hurt right? Maybe your service adviser always takes good care of you when you take your car or truck. Maybe you enjoy the free coffee and chatting with your local dealership about new cars, and new products, shirts, and other gear for the car you love. If you don’t have a mechanic and you do not want to go to any car dealership then get on Yelp and search mechanic in your area and pick one with great reviews or maybe you already have a mechanic you trust. Call him or her up and ask if you can bring your own synthetic oil and high quality filter from Amsoil for your car or truck. Order a free Amsoil catalog here.

Don’t waste your time with the quick lube places for your car or truck but maybe just maybe you can find one that will do it? This would be counterproductive to them and against their best interests but if you do find one please let us know by sending an email to searchforparts1 at gmail dot com (sorry to spell it out like that but there are auto-scanning bots that will spam me with hundreds of fake offers and some can get by the spam filter which pollutes the inbox causing me to risk missing an important message by me mass deleting them!) Also you can text us at the number on the main page and maybe we can feature and applaud that quick-lube place here on our web page!

Ok, now it’s time to number crunch and do the math as to why you should change your conventional oil and make the switch to Amsoil synthetic motor oil. First let’s start off by saying that you can by other synthetic oils that are not Amsoil. They are ok but not superior. Do your research and you will see many positive reviews, results from testing, and even race car drivers and motorcycle enthusiasts who rave and are happy with Amsoil synthetic motor oil. We will leave the test results, research and proof for another article and anther day to demonstrate that Amsoil and Castrol, Lucas, Mobil 1, Pennzoil, Quaker State, Red Line, and Royal Purple are a step behind Amsoil.

Back to the numbers! Ok, so for example, for a Chevrolet Malibu you would needs 5 quarts of Amsoil and let’s roll with an Ea Filter that will last you 15,000 miles. Order it, take it to your mechanic, and your done for a year! Easy and simple! This should cost around 82 dollars plus around let’s say $22 for your local mechanic to change your car or truck oil when you bring it to him or her. A while back before using Amsoil, I went to my local quick-lube place where they charged me $79. They stated that my vehicle required synthetic so I said ok. I seemed happy about it and went on my merry way.

Let’s compare

Amsoil roughly costing $104 already put in my car by my mechanic vs. $79 at the quick lube place. The quick-lube place wants me to go back every 3 months since I drive lots of miles. For the sake of argument let’s say you can stretch this figure out to 4 months which would be close to the 5,000 mile interval that they suggest. In an entire year that would mean 3 oil changes per year costing around $240. In addition to this that’s a hassle and time wasted. Now let’s subtract $240 – $104 which amounts to a $136 saving.

I am gonna take this even further for those who are contractors and are on the road frequently to go do work at a commercial or residential property. Let’s look at this from a time aspect. Let’s forget about the savings which was over $100. Let’s take 2 work days. You free up two days in your schedule! Now if you make $200 per day that would be $400 back in your pocket because you are more productive. Less downtime and more opportunity to work! If you are a big time road warrior and drive big time miles you may save yourself even more money and have even 3 or 4 days to work and be more productive.

If you are a Lyft,Uber, or taxi driver think of the time you will spend changing oil when you can be out there making money! Plus you will be protecting your engine with superior synthetic motor oil that will lubricate and keep your engine clean with Amsoil filters! Uber and Lyft drivers drive heavy miles and extreme stop and go conditions. Have peace of mind and less time wasted!

On the other hand if you don’t work almost everyday and enjoy your free time, that is two more days for family time, sports, or anything you enjoy! Things have changed these days. Back around 2000-2010 you could just show up to any Ford, Toyota, Mazda, Chevy, or Honda dealership and get your oil changed. They would usually tell you it would be around 45 minutes or so.

Now it’s 2018 and that is not the case where you can just show up and get it done, plus maybe get a free car wash which was a cool perk to get you to go back. I hear that sometimes they cannot offer you a free car wash because they are so busy these days. My local Chevrolet dealership here in Miami wants you to make an appointment. Literally, you have to do it like as if you were scheduling a doctor or dentist appointment! You do it by phone or on their website and pick the convenient (or not so convenient) times available. This seems ridiculous to me but it is reality. Any big city this is the case these days, and unfortunately as cities grow and population grows, it is not going to get any better.

Even if you live in a small town, on a farm, or in a small city, you can still save money and time by changing your conventional motor oil to Amsoil synthetic motor oil in your car or truck. Amsoil synthetic motor oil will protect your engine with superior lubrication, less friction, and with their awesome filters you will have less debris which over time can wear down your engine. Your car or truck will operate at a better temperature, better cold starts in freezing weather and better gas mileage and horsepower. In addition to this, if you live in a small city or the countryside maybe you have other things you can be doing even if you do not drive many miles! Conventional oils break down way earlier than synthetics so let’s say you drive 6000 miles per year. That is still around 2 oil changes per year. With Amsoil you won’t have to change it for a year.

If you change your own oil, Amsoil is the best synthetic motor oil for you! No worry to pay a mechanic or car dealership to change your oil. You will be protecting your engine, saving time and money, and supporting American jobs as Amsoil is proudly made in the U.S.A. whereas other oils are not. I haven’t seen too many oils state the fact that their oil is made domestically and the result is supporting American workers while you enjoy a superior product. You can overhaul all liquids in your engine also by changing the transmission fluid and coolant to Amsoil. Also there are engine cleaner products too!

In conclusion, to sum everything up, changing your oil to Amsoil synthetic oil will save you time and money. Also your engine repair bill in the future will be less because you will have protected your engine far beyond what other oils can do. Amsoil outperforms the rest! Made in U.S.A. and supporting American jobs at the same time you enjoy your once a year oil change because you have better things to do than sit there and watch reruns on an old screen! Plan out your next vacation at home, not daydreaming at a dealership for hours 2-3 times a year!

Wishing you the best!


J. Feghali – Authorized Amsoil Dealer

Copyright 2020

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3 thoughts on “The Best Recommended Synthetic Oil for the Road Warrior”

  1. Excellent advice. I did not think of buying my own oil and either doing it myself watching youtube videos or taking it to my local mechanic. The dealer charged me an arm and a leg last time!! and who knows what oil brand it was. I will buy here and hopefully the site will suggest a filter too.

  2. the Chevy dealership in my area said they would not do an oil change if I bring them the oil and filter. I found a local mechanic who would, thank you for the idea. My vehicle is a 2014 Malibu and it requires synthetic oil.

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