Recommended Synthetic Oil Change Intervals

by Search For Parts – Updated June 5, 2020

How often should you change oil with a synthetic?

As people start to shift towards synthetic oil as one of many ways to make their vehicles engine last longer, the question usually comes up about the recommended interval as it definitely will increase when changing from regular or conventional oil to a synthetic. So how often should you change oil with a synthetic?

What is the correct interval for changing synthetic oil? Many newly formulated synthetic oils can last up to 5,000 miles or even 10,000 miles between oil changes. There are many brands out there and each brand has its own change interval. 

The correct change interval depends on which oil you buy. For example, Amsoil Signature Series lasts up to 15,000 miles, or even 25,000 miles depending on driving conditions and depending on your vehicles make and model.

The 3,000 miles that everyone seem to talk about

This is just marketing which makes those lube express type places more money. Not even a car manufacturer will recommend the 3,000 mile change with regular oil! Think about all the oil waste that needs to be dumped if everyone followed this made up 3,000 mile oil change or every three months. The time limit of three months is ridiculously short! Yes, oil can age but a good synthetic will not break down quite easily and will definitely  last up to a year if you are driving or letting the car sit.

oil change intervals

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Above is a chart of some of the synthetic oil brands out there and the intervals. So as you can see, changing your oil depends on the brand you choose. If you want the best synthetic oil to protect your engine from sludge, friction, and not worry about having to change it so often then Amsoil Signature Series is a great choice. It is also made in the U.S.A. which means less depending on foreign oil and better for the environment too. 

Don’t let anyone convince you into changing your oil every 3,000 miles. If the person trying to tell you this information is your mechanic, then it is time to find another professional to service your vehicle. Just search using Google or Yelp for a local mechanic and read the reviews. Google has many reviews on businesses so you don’t have to only rely on Yelp. You will eventually find someone honest. In addition to finding someone trustworthy, you support local businesses in your community.

The above chart has intervals for normal conditions for Amsoil, Red Line, Mobil 1, and Royal Purple. Under severe conditions, the interval will be less no matter what brand you are using. Severe conditions would include a dusty region, heavy towing, pulling, and long idling. If you are not driving under these conditions, then normal intervals would apply to you as in the chart above. Also, please check out the video we posted on our main page which shows which oil was the best after independent lab testing by a third party.


As you can see from the information presented, the interval varies among brands of synthetic oil. If you were to choose regular oil, the interval would be much less. Also, be sure to check the oil level every so often. If you have a leak and the oil drains, you can ruin your engine. Also after several months of use, the oil level can go down a bit so be sure to have a bit of oil handy to top it off to the proper level. 

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