Real Synthetic Oil Stories

Updated on June 7th, 2020 by Timmy Hickey – Search for Parts staff and guest writer.

Hi, this is Timmy, good friend of and blog writer for Search for Parts. Instead of rambling on about stats and studies about how synthetic oil is superior, I would like to share with you a real story about synthetic oil and how it impacted my weekends, wallet, and daily long term life.

After all, if you are reading this, you don’t want some stats and graphs and oil analysis because you have seen tons of them before. You want to hear the word on the street from real life experiences. Not a news story, not some advertisement but a true story. I will make it as entertaining as possible so let’s begin.

It was a lazy summer Sunday in 2007 and I was watching an episode of Two and a Half Men when the phone rang. I pick up and I hear “Hey!! You need to get this oil!!” 

It was a long time childhood friend of mine who always would call me up with the latest gadgets, info and even latest pranks when we were 13 years old. Ahh, the good old days of dial up modems, windows 95,  Napster and free pizza delivery (that is a another story).

I replied, “huh? what oil?” His reply was “This oil that will last over 20,000 miles and maybe you will solve the oil consumption problem in your Camry. It’s any oil you can think of on steroids!!!”

At first I let out a burst of laughter being the skeptic that I am I said “Hell no, I am not gonna destroy my engine with that crazy idea! You are supposed to change your oil every 3000-5000 miles because that is what I was told since I was a kid.” Then he said “no, not true! Listen, just try it, I will even come over and change it for you. Just order it on-line and get the filter too!”

Well, what did I have to lose? My Camry was one of the best vehicles I ever owned. It was a 2001 and never left me stranded. Had some carbon build up in the engine and it would hardly start in 2004 and they had to replace some parts because of the deposit build up, which was a bit upsetting since the warranty had just expired but compared to my other vehicles, this was the most reliable ever. 

I did have one never ending major hassle which was every 2-4 weeks I had to check the oil level and dump half a quart to 1 quart but I still loved the vehicle.

I was worried about the engine burning up oil. It had no engine issues because I took it in for an inspection and nothing was found to be wrong with it. I always had to buy extra oil. I was using regular oil from one of those lube express places every 5,000 miles.

So I took him up on his offer. I asked which oil and he told me Amsoil and gave me the web site. So I ordered several quarts plus extra one because of my oil consumption and an oil filter. He came over and did it in my front yard and said “ok dude, you are good to go for at least 1 year or 15,000 since you drive like a maniac. If you were a smoother driver maybe you could go 20-25 thousand.” 

I laughed then shrugged and said “ok dude, sounds good, whatever” and went back to my cold beverage. Three weeks go by and I check the oil level and said to myself “here we go again with this burning up oil” and had my extra quart of Amsoil synthetic oil handy. 

When I checked the oil level, it was at the proper level and looked very clean. I was like “what??? this is awesome but maybe I checked too soon?” I was pleasantly surprised but at the same time confused. 

Being skeptical again I waited a few more weeks and checked the oil level. Again it was at the full proper level. I was pleasantly surprised, called up my friend and thanked him! He was saving me money from all those quarts I had to dump in between oil changes. It was such a chore because I did not want to risk burning out my engine from low or no oil!

I started to research Amsoil and it impressed me. Didn’t see any negative comments or reviews. Didn’t see any consumer report complaints. Didn’t see any red flags nor class action lawsuits. So I left it in there for a full year which is 15,000 miles. No issues, no problems, no consumption. 

The oil was clean after a year and my oil consumption issue disappeared so I was sold! This was proof that this oil was the real deal. I kept using it every year and I realized not only did I save money and hassles with the oil consumption, I was saving money by not having to go to do an oil change every 4 months because I drove around 5000 miles in that time span.

Then I realized and said to myself  “Hey! This is good stuff. I don’t have to waste time waiting at a lube change place or dealership for an entire year! This is great! This oil saved me time, money, hassles.”

But the skeptical personality started to resurface. I was wondering what the long term effects would be from changing my oil only 1 time per year. On the other hand, I was so happy to save time and money. I was also thinking about becoming an Amsoil dealer because I really liked the product but needed more real life info and experience to 100% believe in this product.

So from 2007 to 2013 I stuck with Amsoil in my Camry. In 2013 I reached 183,000 miles with no issues and no more oil consumption! The product had to be better than good for me to drive for 6 years on an engine that had been clobbered by carbon deposits and oil consumption from 2001 to 2007. 

Plus I have a heavy foot not because I am a maniac driver, but people where I live drive aggressive and you just have to floor it to merge into a lane on the highway or you will be in the shoulder lane! This means I was straining my engine big time but Amsoil did not disappoint. 

If this oil was not the real deal, then a few things would have happened. My oil consumption would have continued and my engine would have never reached 183,000 miles with no issues, no mechanic repairs, nothing! I eventually sold the vehicle to a lucky new owner. I forgot to tell him about the Amsoil, I realized this afterwards, hope he is using synthetic.

So that is my real life experience with Amsoil and I am a big fan and have trust in it that it will protect my engine in my new vehicle and other vehicles I have. Also, Amsoil will NOT void your new car warranty. Earlier in this post you will find a video of more real life experiences. No graphs, no boring data, no hype. Just real people and real stories.

Thank you so much for reading this! Watch the video and get ready to give your car the best synthetic oil in the world!

Click here for more information and how to order!


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  1. cool story. my family of mechanics have shifted away from that 3,000 to 5000 mile oil change b.s. and glad to see many people are in agreement.

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