Oil Type, Filter, and Capacity of a 2005 Camry

Published on January 31st, 2023 by Searchforparts.com

Thank you for visiting our site. We will cover filters, transmission fluids, capacity, and oil type a 2005 Camry needs. We will also cover which filters fit any of the three possible engine sizes, 2.4L, 3.0L, or 3.3L.  

How much oil does a 2005 Camry require?

The 2.4L needs 4 quarts and the 3.0L or 3.3L needs 5 quarts of oil with a filter already in place. 

What kind of oil does a 2005 Camry take?

Toyota states that 5W-30 is the best oil for any of the engines mentioned above. Later on we will suggest a great oil to keep your engine running with  max protection so that it can last for many more years.

Where can I view the owner’s manual for my vehicle if I cannot find it?

Here is a link for your convenience in case you lost your manual. It is a link to the official Toyota site.

2005 Toyota Camry Manual

Which filter fits my Camry?

This depends on the engine size in a 2005. Below we will specify by engine size which oil filter fits perfectly, no worrying about buying the wrong filter!

How can I find out which engine I have?

Open the hood and locate the spark plug cables. if you see 4 cables leading into the spark plugs then you have a 4-cylinder or 2.4, and 6 cables translate into having a 6-cylinder 3.0L or 3.3L engine. 

Upgrade your oil and filter to maintain and even extend the life of your engine. Why risk low quality oil or regular oil in your Camry? Keep it running great for many more years with 100% fully synthetic oil that offers better protection than the other brands. Amsoil is quality oil and the Wix filters below are awesome too! With just a few clicks you can order and take to a local mechanic to have the oil and filter installed! 


High-quality Synthetic

5W-30 100% Synthetic for a 2005 Camry


Oil filter for the 4-cylinder Camry

For the 2.4L engine in a 2005 Camry


Oil filter for the 6-cylinder Camry

For the 3.0L or 3.3L engine in a 2005 Camry

Are there any other products or fluids to replace to keep my engine running even better?


Below we have a Wix air filter that will fit any 2005 Camry engine and awesome 100% synthetic transmission fluid to keep the gears shifting smoothly. We had a Camry that had the gears slipping and replacing the fluid solved the issue. Also, avoid expensive transmission replacement by flushing and replacing it!


Air filter for a 2005 Toyota Camry

Great air filter for any engine in a 2005. Keeps the engine super clean!

Synthetic Transmission Fluid!

For all engines in a 2005. Protect your transmission!