1998 Toyota Camry Filter, Oil Type, and Capacity

Published on January 25th, 2023 by Searchforparts.com

Thank you for visiting SearchForParts. This article was written by a human. 🙂 We will give you information on your 1998 Camry such as the kind of oil you need, how much oil in quarts the engine needs, and what kind of oil filter will fit your engine. The 98 Camry comes in two engine sizes and the type of oil, filter, and capacity will depend on the engine size. Also, we will give you a helpful trick on how to identify your engine size! 

But how do I figure out what engine is in my 98 Camry?

It will either have a 2.2 L or 3.0 L engine. Look for the VIN number of the vehicle which can be located on the dashboard or on a sticker on the passenger door when open. Also, your insurance policy will usually have the VIN of the vehicle when you access your account. The 5th digit of the VIN will either be an F or a G and F means you have a 3.0L engine while G means you have a 2.2L engine. This will be useful to choose the correct oil capacity and filter for your engine. Putting in the wrong quantity of oil or installing the wrong filter can damage your engine!

What kind of oil does my 1998 Camry need?

The recommended viscosity is the same for both engines so you will need 5W-30. The capacities are different though. In an emergency where 5W-30 is not available then 10W-30 can be used as long as you are not running the vehicle in extremely cold temperatures because it will not cold start using 10W-30.

How much oil does a 1998 Camry need?


Your Camry will need 3.8 quarts for the 2.2L engine, and 5 quarts for the 3.0L engine. Buy an extra quart in case your engine consumes oil after some time passes by. It is a good idea to check the oil level frequently as it has been reported that some Camry engines just burn up oil for no reason.

Where can I find the owner’s manual?


No worries, if you lost your manual you can find it here:

1998 Camry Owner’s Manual

What kind of filter will fit my 98 Camry?


There are so many different filters out on the market and this can be confusing since sometimes there isn’t a handy look-up guide available.  We have a few options below for each engine size. Please choose the correct filter for the 2.2L or 3.0L engine.

Extended your Camry’s optimal performance by upgrading to a top synthetic shown below. Also, there are filters that will fit your Camry perfectly. Congratulations on running your Camry well for so many years! Extend the engine life with much better protection from a Made in USA synthetic! Not a blend, fully synthetic oil to keep your engine running great! Upgrade now!


High-quality Synthetic

5W-30 100% Synthetic for a 98 Camry

What kind of transmission fluid does my Camry need?


We have an awesome transmission fluid for your 98 Camry below! Also a great air filter to keep your engine super clean!


Air filter for a 98 Camry

Keep dirt and debris out of your engine with this Wix Air Filter! Fits both engine sizes.


Synthetic Transmission Fluid!

Automatic transmission fluid for both engines in a 98 Camry. Keep your transmission from slipping and have it running smoothly!

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