Oil Capacity for the Toyota Camry from 2007-2018

Search for Parts – Updated June 5th, 2020

Thank you for visiting our page and using us as your resource to look up the oil capacity of your Toyota Camry which is listed below by year. All capacities shown in quarts with a filter installed.

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This chart below shows the oil capacity for the 2007-2009 Camry for both 2.4 and 3.5L engines with filter.

Oil Capacity for the Toyota Camry 2007-2009

The following graph shows how much oil you need for your 2010-2011 Camry, all engine sizes with filter.

oil capacity for 2010 - 2011 Toyota Camry

Information below for all Camrys between 2012-2017 (with the filter).

Camry Oil Capacity from 2012-2017

If you have a 2018 Toyota Camry, then the below graph will show you how much oil your engine will hold with filter. 

Oil capacity for 2018 toyota camry

Many other sites have different oil capacities listed for 2018, we have the source from the owner’s manual below! 

source: https://www.toyota.com/owners/resources/owners-manuals/camry/2018

Remember to buy an extra quart to top off your oil. After time, the oil level may drop due to various reasons. Check your oil level from time to time and top off with extra oil so you may want to buy an extra quart!

Thank you for visiting Search For Parts. We really appreciate it! 

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5 thoughts on “Oil Capacity for the Toyota Camry from 2007-2018”

  1. cool! I could not find my owner’s manual for my 2017 toyota camry and the charts are nice and clear, easy to read, better than looking through a manual online. I will check out the oil as well, no way putting crap oil in my car, only synthetic since I need my car to last as I will not be buying a new vehicle soon and don’t want surprise repairs when the warranty is up.

  2. Thank you, easy to read graphs, we have 2 Camrys in the family and the graphs made it easy for me, this is my go to look up resource, easier than fiddling around with the manuals buried under my clutter in the glove compartment!! lol….bookmarking this now.

  3. very useful since the graphs for the Camry oil capacity look great on my phone while I was outside and needed to pour the oil in but wasn’t sure in quarts how much my 2016 needed. Many years were covered with those graphs, nice job.

  4. I searched oil capacity for my 2015 Camry and this page appeared. You saved me time because I also have a 2009 Camry as well and cannot find the owner’s manual for either vehicle. I also see that you sell synthetic oil that seems to be a rock solid product. Will try it.

  5. awesome graphs to find the oil capacity of my Toyota, easy on the eyes instead of some small fine print text in a manual. Found this site page doing a search, the power of the internet! Will check out the synthetic oil mentioned in this article thanks

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