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You’ve probably heard about Amsoil from a friend or family member and you can’t really figure out what it is all about. Or maybe you have seen someone wearing an Amsoil hat or shirt and you grabbed your phone and searched on Google or Bing to find more information about it.

Well, no worries because I got you covered on this. On the other hand, I bet if you own a car or a truck, there is a high probability that you’ve considered buying motor oil several times over the course of a year. The question however is; What is Amsoil?

Amsoil is basically a U.S. company that majors in providing better synthetic lubricants in order solve every need you might be experiencing with your auto needs. Over the years, Amsoil has impacted the market greatly through its noticeable performance especially in the automotive and racing sectors. Therefore, this brand name is highly respected and trusted by many people across the United States and Canada. They have earned themselves a whole lot of loyal-brand customers from their exemplary performance since 1972.

I will guide you through everything you ever wanted to know about Amsoil, from its history, manufacture, uses, and primarily concentrating on the advantages this lubricant have had over others in the market.

1972? Woohoo! Cool!

The innovation of Amsoil is dated back to 1972 where the founder and pioneer of this world class brand, Al Amatuzio came up with the company Amsoil in consideration of his mainstream career as a jet fighter squadron commander. In the above mentioned year, there was the Amsoil 10w-40 which was the first ever synthetic motor oil in the world to beat the specifications of the American Petroleum Institute, API.

Amsoil made it to be the first in the synthetic oil industry and other upcoming companies have taken their lead in creating unique and quality oils. Today, the Amsoil distributes its products throughout independent dealers in Canada and the United States.

best synthetic oil ever!

The Scoop on Synthetic Vs Conventional oils

Most of you just know that the performance of synthetic oils outdoes the conventional ones but you might not know in detail the reasons behind such claims. The first thing to understand is that the difference begins at the molecular level.

While conventional oils contain a whole lot of impurities, synthetic oils are pure and have uniform molecular structures. This explains the synthetic oil’s efficiency, wear protection as well as performance even under very high temperatures. Efficiency and cost comes hand in hand, therefore synthetic oils are more pocket-friendly.

In that case, let’s discuss the major characteristics of Synthetic Amsoil that makes it more beneficial than other oils in the market.

More horse power, a very cool thing!

The Amsoil has homogeneous and smooth molecular structures which reduce the intra fluid friction than the conventional oils which have uneven, rough molecular structures. In addition, Amsoil synthetic oil has a high film strength which helps to reduce metal to metal friction. The end result of a machine running on Amsoil is more horse power. This increased horse power is because the engine has reduced energy spent on overcoming metal to metal and intra fluid friction allowing the engine to deliver more power. Cars running on Amsoil synthetic products reach top speeds and respond quicker than other vehicles.

Increased Fuel Economy, Everyone Wants That, Right?

Petroleum based oil is usually refined from the crude oil which is the raw material. During this process, the crude oil that contains other mixtures such as nitrogen, sulfur and other metal components like vanadium, is separated from the mixture. The resulting concentration is used in different day to day activities such as gasoline and oil based lubricants. The composition of these petroleum based motor oil is entirely dependent on the refining process.

While petroleum based oil is refined, synthetic based oil is manufactured and can accomplish higher effectiveness as compared to the latter. The fact that synthetic based oil is produced, the chemical engineers behind this phenomenon process tailor the oil with precision and uniform structures resulting to a product that is far more stable than the petroleum based oil.

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Cold Temperature Starting – Amsoil Has Your Back!

Car maintenance is an important thing especially when preparing for the cold season. Extreme cold conditions during winter can cause dangerous breakdowns. Additionally, most drivers do not know the effect that the cold conditions have on conventional lubricants. Amsoil will provide full protection on cold starts.

Oil cold-temperature performance refers to the ability to flow when the engine is cold. This concept is often misunderstood by many drivers. The oil’s cold condition does not mean how cold the engine is to your hand, it means below it’s typical temperature (about 212F). Moreover, the cold environment can also exist during summer. Start-up lubrication is usually affected by the oil’s cold-temperature performance.

Most engines wear out during start-up. The cold temperatures may increase the viscosity of the lubricant making it hard to reach critical points of the engine hence leading to wear. Conventional oil contains paraffin which usually can worsen the situation.

However, Amsoil synthetic oil remain in fluid form in winter (to about -63oF), does not contain paraffin, improved fluid flow and has an outstanding bearing protection. All these unique characteristics allows the motor oil to flow even during extreme winter while providing a strong film strength even in extreme heat. This in turn protects your engine in all seasons.

Transmission fluids are usually affected by extreme cold conditions. Since the transmission fluid is not required during start-up, most drivers tend to neglect it due to the assumption that it doesn’t cause wear. This is not entirely true since the transmission fluid when compromised can cause wear and impact on the performance of the vehicle. The effectiveness of the transmission fluid primarily relies on the flow of the liquid and therefore when there is extreme cold weather, the transmission fluid is affected. As the fluid thickens, the automatic transmission shifts may be harder.

The effect of cold temperatures to the transmission fluid is more pronounced in manual transmission cars. When the fluid starts becoming viscous, the synchronizers in the manual transmissions start to shift slower than usual and hence the ability of the driver to shift is affected.

Amsoil transmission fluid however, have extra ordinary cold-flow tolerance and are usually wax-free. These properties help the fluid maintain shift and in most cases they actually improve it, reduce warm-up time and increase energy efficiency making the transmission fluid perfect during cold seasons.

Gear lubricants are also affected with cold temperatures. The cold reduces their viscosity and hence the gear requires more energy to turn resulting to reduction in the fuel economy. Amsoil synthetic gear lubes are manufactured wax-free which in turn increases the performance of the lube in cold condition therefore increasing overall performance of the car. Additionally, the Amsoil increases fuel economy.

The effect of cold weather on oil is also realized in diesel fuel. The drop in temperature causes the wax in the diesel to start crystallizing forming cloud point (collection of wax crystals). The crystal starves the engine by clogging the fuel filter and hence will reduce the performance of the engine.

Most diesel fuels begin forming crystals at 30oF while other low quality fuels form crystals at 40oF. However, Amsoil Diesel Cold Flow has a lowered cold point at 20oF. Additionally, the Amsoil Diesel Cold Flow inhibits formation of crystals hence the fluid flows easily through the engine during cold seasons.

Awesome Engine Protection!

Amsoil synthetic oil has always been known to shine its way up during the coveted Test that evaluates for Double Performance. Here the oil is passed through what they call ‘The Sequence IIG Engine Test’ (ASTM D7320). This particular engine is designed purposely to evaluate the motor oils for properties such as viscosity, consumption level and piston deposits. In addition to that, they test for the performance of the engine under certain conditions like where average speed limits and high temperatures.

This is to ensure that the oil passes the American Petroleum Institute requirements and International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC) motor oil specifications. Test lasts up to 100 hours where conclusions are generated as an indicator of the expected performance of the oil in the real world.

The Amsoil initiated a double performance ideology after years of the Signature Series outstanding performance in the test for Double Length Performance. Results of the trial showed that the 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil by Signature Series could not only deliver exceptional wear protection and deposit control on the engine, but could maintain 200 hours of oxidative stability during the experimentation.

With that kind of high and efficient performance, that has brought good news to the motorists in the market today. This is because the make of modern engines demands for motor oils with outstanding efficiency. Advancements in the motor oil industry such as turbochargers and direct fuel injecting have affected the overall performance while cutting on cost of the oil although that has led to increased contaminants and loss of viscosity due to friction. This has brought about the need for designing a motor oil that can protect the modern sensitive motor engines from such negative effects.

In that case, the Signature Series motor oil has qualified as the only oil that can keep up with such standards while delivering exceptional protection of the engine against viscosity increase, harmful deposits as well as wear and tear even under hostile conditions. This increase the lifespan and performance of the engines. Therefore, the Signature series offers value and quality all in one package.

Amsoil synthetic oils also control heat and stress, so you have less stress too!

Amsoil synthetic oils are manufactured into uniformly shaped and sized molecules which remain intact even under high temperatures hence protecting the engine from wear. Moreover, Amsoil synthetic oils have very strong intermolecular bonds which add in to their heat resistant ability.

The Amsoil synthetic oils have low volatile levels. Conventional oils usually have light molecules which are highly volatile hence thickening the remain oil. The end result is a thickened oil that is very difficult to pump therefore stressing the engine and decreasing fuel economy. Since Amsoil does not contain light molecules, the oil maintains its high quality performance even in high temperatures making it ideal for your engine.

It is common for conventional oils to get oxidized and produce products such as sludge which interfere with the performance of the vehicle. Fitted with multiple premium grade inhibitors, Amsoil oil is able to resist oxidation and operate effectively all through.

Excess engine heat encourages wear and can lead to parts failure. Amsoil synthetic oil have a saturated molecular structures that help to withstand higher temperatures than conventional oils before they break down. Moreover, synthetic oils possess a high level of conductivity hence providing a cooler running engine.

Would you put regular oil instead of the best synthetic oil in this awesome engine?

best synthetic oil for my engine

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Environment conservation, how cool is that?

The engineers behind the manufacture of Amsoil synthetic oils have gone out of their way to produce oil that resists chemical breakdown, neutralize contaminants and guard against oil consumption better than most conventional oils.

This results to reduced oil-change intervals since the synthetic oil has a longer life. Imagine a situation where everyone is using synthetic oil rather than conventional oil! The entire oil consumption in circulation will reduce because of the long life of Amsoil synthetic oil.

Reduced repairs, save money!

The outstanding design of Amsoil synthetic oil makes it efficient in both cold and high temperatures. In cold areas it doesn’t crystalize easily while in high temperatures it doesn’t breakdown. With constant and smooth supply of quality oil through your engine even in extreme temperatures you are assured that your engine will work effectively and there is no chance of breakdown. This reduces repairs to your engine.

Reduced maintenance – A time saver!

Well, this is obviously the end result of using Amsoil synthetic oils. The synthetic oils can last longer than conventional oils. Most conventional oils have a 3000mile drain interval while Amsoil motor oil can last up to 25,000 miles which reduces the maintenance.

Less money out of your pocket!

By cutting down on repair and maintenance, Amsoil synthetic products will reduce the cost of maintaining your vehicle in good shape. In addition, the Amsoil synthetic oil reduces oil drain intervals and increases fuel economy hence resulting to a more pocket friendly budget.

In conclusion, it is evident that Amsoil oil products offer the best oils in the business. Start using Amsoil and your engine will never suffer from common vehicle problems. Take the opportunity of what Amsoil has to offer and you will surely save cash while enjoying the comfort of a car with outstanding performance. 

Very cool! and it’s Made in USA! You will be supporting American jobs as well as purchasing an awesome product! Read here to see article on AAA where research says that synthetic oil is better for your engine! 

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