History of the Honda Accord

Updated February 8, 2021

Performance and style are some of the top features when it comes to Honda. The company has managed to produce some of the top-notch cars we know to date. In this article, we will concentrate on their Honda Accord series which was first manufactured in 1979. The Honda Accord gained fame due to the production of its four doored Sedan which is a favorite in the USA.

Over the years, the engineers behind this beauty have been able to achieve the best blend of technology, class and exceptional engine performance. As we proceed to more details about the Honda Accord, I’m going to break it down in terms of generations and the configurations that come with each new edition.

First Generation (1976-1981)

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This year marked the beginning of Honda Accord. Initially, the Accord had 68 horsepower, 1.6 liters, CVCC four-cylinder engine and cost $3995. With a five-speed transmission, aluminum cylinder head, and a standard feature, for instance, AM/FM stereo, rear window wiper and a remote rear hatch, the Honda Accord started gaining fame. The Honda Accord offered tremendous value and an entirely modern look.By the year 1979, the vehicle was more potent since it came with a 1.8 liter engine and a power steering. With only 68 horsepower, the car was not very powerful. However, thanks to its weight of less than 920 kg, the ratio between its weight/power were already better than that of the American cars of the same range at the time.

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The EXV6 engine is fitted with a full interior leather design, steering wheel audio controls and an air conditioning system

Second Generation (1982-1985)

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Since the first generation was a huge success, the company was not going to let go of the Honda Accord series. Instead, they decided to try and make improvements on its performance. That is why the second generation release was in the fall of 1981.

With this generation, the manufacturers introduced a car with a longer wheelbase and redesigned the entire exterior of the first generation. In the year 1984, the manufacturers finally decide to change the cylinder of the engine in the Honda Accord. They replaced it with 1830 cc meaning the car could reach up to 86 horsepower.

After the company saw its success, they decided to produce their cars in the United States of America which was a first for the Japanese manufacturer.

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Third Generation (1986-1989)

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In this generation, the Honda Accord came with additional trims which include; DX, LXi and DX versions and were available in 3 and four doors. The car also came with a superior handling thanks to the double-wishbone suspensions. This feature gave Honda a step ahead of its competitors.

The third generation also had an additional power boost hence the car could reach up to 111 horsepower for the injection version and 98 horsepower for the carburetor-fed version. A two-door coupe version came on the market in 1988.

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Fourth Generation (1990-1993)
In this generation, the car was less striking compared to the previous version due to itssimilarity. However, there were noticeable improvements in the fourth generation. The fourth generation started using a four-cylinder engine which gave the car a power boost of 130 horsepower. More to that, the automatic transmission in this generation gained a sport-shift mode, where the gear selection could be selected manually.

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Fifth Generation (1994-1997)

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Unlike the fourth generation, the manufacturer of the Honda Accord decided to focus more on the mechanical aspects of this car. The fifth generation introduced the VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) system which included a variable valve timing. In 1995, the fifth generation came with a brand new engine, a 2.7 liter V6 engine that was able to develop 170 horsepower. The bodywork done on this generation came in a more sporty look, and Honda Accords even took part in international racing. 

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Honda Accord 1998-2001 (6th Generation)

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This marked the beginning of a bigger and more powerful version of the Honda Accord as compared to its predecessors. Additionally, the Honda Accord gained more equipment and sophistication which made it closer to the Acura. The EX trim of this generation is equipped with leather interior designs, automatic weather control system, a power moon roof and driver’s seat.

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The 1998 model comes in DXEX and LX trims. By 2001, a fourth trim was added called SE. The LX and EX have an optional V6 engine but come fitted with the standard 2.3 liter 4-cylinder engine. Although there was a 5 speed manual transmission, most of the vehicles sold were four speed automatic. The DX is equipped with dual remote mirrors, front and driver seat airbags, a tilt steering column, manual door and window locks, AM/FM stereo with cassette, fourteen-inch steel wheels and optional air conditioning and automatic transmission.

The LX trim, in addition to having all the DX features, it is equipped with 4 speaker stereo, power window, fifteen-inch wheels, cruise control, manual driver’s seat height adjustment and a 60/40 split-folding back seat.

The LXV6 has an increased boost of 200hp with the V6 engine, anti-lock brakes and 8-way power driver’s seat. The Ex is charged with a 4-cylinder engine. Additional features of the EX include a power moon-roof, 6 CD changer, fifteen-inch alloy wheel and an optional 8-way power driver’s seat and leather seats.

m that is fully automatic.

Well, most of these features don’t seem like much according to today’s standards but in the 1998 to 2001, it was. This features gave the Honda Accord an added advantage over their competitors.

Honda Accord 2002-2007 (7th Generation)

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The seventh generation of this model was launched in 2002 and consisted of 2 separate models; European and Japanese markets. Over time, these two models ended up being sold in many other markets owing to an advertisement which increased its fame. The model is charged with 2 liter engine as well as 6 manual transmissions.

The European and Japanese version uses the previous Honda Accord’s chassis with a new body. The vehicle was produced in Japan and is available in both sedan and Estate body designs. In the European market, the model was powered by different engines which include

  • 2 liter turbo diesel engine
  • 2.4 liter turbo diesel engine
  • 2.2 liter turbo diesel engine

The model was later available in the Australian, New Zealand and Fiji under the name Acura TSX in North America and Accord Euro. The Honda Accord Euro R was first released in 2002 and was designed for the Japanese market. This vehicle is a sports car that is quite light. It is charged by a 2 liter DOHC engine together with a 6 speed manual transmission. Features of this car include a special metal gear knob, MOMO steering wheel, Recaro seats and a body kit.

The North American Version (Acura) had extended dimensions compared to the one available in the Japanese and European market. It was offered in sedan, coupe and also a hybrid version in 2005. By 2006, the engineers of this model had made impressive upgrades to it.

It was the first Accord coupe to use a 5lug nuts on its timing belt instead of the four-cylinder engine. By 2003, the Accord engineers made it more aggressive by boosting it to an impressive 240 horsepower. It has 6 speed manual transmission inspired by the Acura Type S. The upgrade also included features like a stereo system, leather interior design on seats and a strut tower bar. 

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Honda Accord 2008-2012 (8th Generation)

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For those who fancy logic over emotion, this generation of Honda Accord is the car for you. A buyer with the eye of authenticity will most likely be drawn to this vehicle as it features in almost all top 10 list in all car magazines ever published.

This model caters also for the V6 lovers as they have a featured engine among one of the trims. The 2012 edition is nearly as identical to the 2011 with an exception of USB port installed in all 2012 models. This model has an excellent resale value, spacious rear seat, V6 engine option and to top it all up, it has a smooth ride and is very reliable. 

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Features and Engine specs

The Accord SE, LX-P and LX all have 177 horsepower 2.4 liter four-cylinder engine which comes in either a five speed manual (EX or LX) or a five speed automatic transmission (EX-L, SE, LX-P). The EX-L and EX with a four-cylinder engine have an extra boost of up to 190 horsepower and also the advanced technology of Active Noise cancellation which uses audio transmissions in the car to cancel out the vibrations and the noise. The 2.4 liter engine Accord has an automatic transmission rated at 23mpg in the city and 34mpg on the highway while the manual models are rated 23mpg city and 33mpg highway.

The EX V6 has a 3.5 liter V6 engine which produces 271 horsepower and has a five automatic speed transmission system. The V6 engine has a 20mpg city and 30mpg highway rating.

This generation is offered in various trims which include;

  • LX
  • This trim model has sixteen-inch wheels, power windows, power locks, air conditioning, 160-watt sound system, AUX audio input, USB/iPod interface, cruise control switches, outstanding brake performance system, traction and stability control among other features.
  • SE
  • This model has all the features of the LX plus a leather trim interior, leather wrapped steering, heated driver’s seat and a leather seats.
  • EX-L
  • This model has a dual-climate control, audio system with 7 speakers, Bluetooth enabled, leather-trimmed interior design, heated driver’s seat and a satellite radio. There is also an optional navigation system that includes a back view camera
  • EX
  • Includes a seventeen-inch alloy wheel, a power moon roof, 2.4 liter engine, power adjustable driver’s seat and heated side mirrors
  • LX-P
  • This model has all the features of the LX plus a sixteen alloy wheel and eight power driver’s seat.
  • EX V6 has a driver’s seat memory and a power passenger seat.

Honda Accord 2013-2017 (9th Generation)

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This generation comprises of the sedan and other few models. The generation has a 4-cylinder engine, V6 engine, revised transmission, CVT and a couple of other hybrids.

The model features a lightweight design with a 2.4 liter engine capable to have a boost of 185 hp and 189lb-ft of torque. Connected to this powerful engine is a 6-speed manual or a CVT that has replaced the 5-speed automatic. Fuel economy of this Accord sedan come at 34 mpg highway and 24mpg city. Additionally, the CVT helps to cut the fuel economy to 27 mpg city and 36 mpg highway. 

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Unlike the rest of the competitors, Honda sticks to its V6 engine rather than the force-induced 4-cylinder engine. The new improved V6 boosts to 278hp. A combination of the 6-speed automatic transmission gives the sedan a 21mpg city and 34mpg highway.

For those hybrid lovers, Honda has two Hybrid Accords; a regular and a plug in hybrid. Both have a 2 liter Atkinson cycle 4cylinder at the ratio of 31:1 compression. Moreover, they have a 2 motor hybrid system and a lithium-ion battery.

In the plug-in, the electric motors and the engine gives it a combined 225lb-ft of torque and 198hp. On a fully electric mode, Honda says electric only is between 10 to 15 miles. This generation of Honda Accord isn’t as big as its predecessor with a wheel length of 0.9 inches shorter and an overall down length of 3.5 inches. However, the cabin space has increased by 0.5 cubic feet and also the trunk space by 0.8.

The sedan is easy to drive with an excellent manual shifter that has crispy shifts and an easy to work clutch. Just like a typical 4-cylinder Honda, the car is smooth and does not mind running near the top of the rev range.

The electric power steering is quite light and has a dead spot at its center. However, an increase in angle, the steering gets responsive and lighter. The 2017 model comes in different trims:

  • LX
  • This brand comes with great standard features including Bluetooth, Hands-free Link, Multi-angle back view Camera, Dual-zone Automatic Climate control and Honda Sensing.
  • Sport
  • The model includes a 189 horsepower 4cylinder engine, 10-way power adjustable seat, nineteen-inch alloy wheels and paddle shifters
  • Sport Special Edition
  • An upgrade of the sport, this edition gives the driver a leather trimmed interior design, heated front seats, special edition Badging and a red accent stitching
  • EX
  • This trim offers all the features of the LX with a few more features including smart entry and push start button, Apple Car Play, One-touch Power Moon-roof and an android Auto connectivity.
  • EX-L
  • In this model drivers get all the sophisticated technology and features of the EX with a few additions including leather designed interior, heated front seat, power front seat and two position memory on the driver’s seat.
  • EX-L-V-6
  • This model has all the features of the previous trims. Additionally, it also has a 278 horsepower V6 engine with variable cylinder management and a 6 speed automatic transmission with Dual exhaust and a Sport mode
  • Touring
  • This trim has all the available features of the EX-L-V-6 as well as Honda sensing system, Heated back seats, satellite linked navigation system and Headlights with auto high beam

Honda Accord 2018

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With the growing popularity of crossovers, more and more drivers opt for this model over the old four door Sedan. However, the producers haven’t given up yet with Honda Accord 2018 leading the way to a technology fame battle.

The engineers behind this brand new model have gone out of their way to produce the modern version that can compete with the latest models as well as maintain the Honda Accord feel.

The new look of this brand gives it a more elegant European feel than the usual. 

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The Honda Accord is equipped with 2 turbocharged 4-cylinder engines which includes a 1.5 liter engine with 192 Horsepower. In the non-hybrid models, the engine is a 2.0 liter with 252 horsepower. A 6 speed manual transmission is available in the Sport trims of the Honda Accord.

An automatic transmission option has continuous variable transmission (CVT) which comes in a 1.5 liter unit or a ten speed unit. With each trim of the Honda Accord, the engineers increase the sophistication and comfort. The Honda Accord comes in the following trims

  • LX

  • Honda sensing
  • Dual-zone Automatic weather control
  • Multi-angle back camera
  • Sport

  • Apple Car Play Integration
  • Twelve-way Power driver seat
  • Android Auto Integration
  • Nineteen-inch alloy wheel
  • EX

  • One touch Power Moon roof
  • Eight-inch Display touchscreen with audio
  • Blind Spot information system
  • EX-L

  • Leather fitted interior design
  • Memory technology on the driver’s seat
  • Navigation available
  • 450-Watt audio system-premium

The sophisticated Honda Accord fashionable design is absolutely breath-taking. In almost all trims, the interior is fitted with the best modern technology that blends well with the color contrasts. The new and improved Honda sensing package that offers key systems such as forward-collision warning, adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist is a must in all new models of Honda. Even with their new version, the slightly diminished rear visibility and back seat access proves to be a challenge. All in all, this is a beauty that will never disappoint when it comes to class.

As you can see, the Honda Accord is world famous, popular and also a reliable vehicle with a huge following. Protect your Accord with the best synthetic! Click here to search your Honda Accord for engine and transmission fluids. 


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