What is the Correct Oil, Capacity, and Filter for a 2016 Camry?

Published on February 5th, 2023 by Searchforparts.com

The 2016 Camry comes with either a 4-cylinder or 2.5L, and a 6-cylinder, or 3.5L engine. In this article we will answer questions about what kind of oil you need, how much oil fits with the filter, and what oil filters are compatible with your engine. We will also discuss transmission fluid and cabin air filters. 

What quantity of oil do I need when having the oil changed?


If you have a 4-cylinder then you need 4.6 quarts and the 6-cylinder engine needs 6.4 quarts. One way to tell if you have a 4-cylinder is to look under the hood and see how many spark plug cables you have. The number of cables is equal to the number of cylinders. This way you know how much oil you will need to have when changing the oil.

What kind of oil should I use?


The recommended oil is 0w-20 for all engines in a 2016 Camry. 

Is the owner’s manual available online?


Click below for the owner’s manual and more information about your vehicle. You can also search for other makes and models by Toyota.

2016 Camry Owner’s Manual

What oil filter will fit my engine?


Below we will suggest an oil filter that will correctly fit your engine. A wrong filter can change engine pressure or cause a leak and eventually damage the engine. Please make sure you get a filter that fits your specific vehicle.

What else can I do to keep my 2016 Toyota Camry running great?

Change or flush the transmission fluid and use a synthetic fluid. This will lower the operating temperature of your engine and have gears shift smoothly. Also, you will protect your transmission and save yourself an expensive replacement. Checking the coolant level is a good idea to prevent overheating. Frequently monitor the oil level in the vehicle in case there is a leak so you catch it on time before engine damage occurs. Also, if you want to breathe better air while driving, look into changing the cabin filter. See below for more information.

Below are great products for your 2016 Camry. Amsoil is a top-quality synthetic and will protect your vehicle better than other oils. Click each product and see technical specifications, reviews, and how the products are better than the well-known brands. Also, the filters below are the correct fit for your engine. With a few clicks you can have everything delivered to your door and either do it yourself or take everything to a mechanic and save time and money vs. going to a dealership. 

Wix oil filter for the 2016 Camry

Awesome filter for all engines in a 2016!

cabin air filter for a toyota camry 2016

Cabin air filter for a 2016 Camry

Breathe cleaner air inside your Camry while driving by replacing the cabin filter!

2016 Camry transmission fluid

Super protection for the transmission in a 2016 Camry!

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