2020 Camry Oil filter, Capacity, and Type of Oil

Updated August 18, 2023 by Searchforparts.com

The two engine sizes for a 2020 Camry are the 2.5L/4-cylinder and the 3.5L/6-cylinder engine. We will answer questions about oils, fluids, and filters for this vehicle as well as how to find your owner’s manual and other important things you can do to maintain your engine and extend its life.

What type of oil do I need for the 2020 Camry?

The type of oil depends on the engine. The 2.5L needs 0w-16 oil and the 3.5L will need 0w-20. 

How much oil should I use? 


If you have the 2.5L then it needs 4.8 quarts of oil with the filter. If you have the 3.5L then it holds 5.7 quarts with the filter. 

Should I keep an extra quart after changing the oil?


In our experience, yes, it is a great idea to keep an extra quart available to top off the oil that may burn up due to oil consumption. Some engines just use up oil and there are many factors such as how the vehicle is driven. Always check the oil level every few weeks to make sure the oil level is correct by looking at the dipstick. So for example, if your car needs 4.8 quarts, you will need to get 6 to have an extra bottle left over. For 5.7 quarts you would need 7 so that you have extra to top off. The decision is up to you but we strongly recommend it. 

Is there any way to quickly see the owner’s manual?


Yes, here is a link!

2020 Camry Owner’s Manual

Which filters fit my 2020 Camry? Does it depend on the engine I have?


Yes, the 2.5L compared to the 3.5L need different filters. Make sure you get the correct one to avoid engine damage. Below we will mention a few that you can order just with a few clicks and the filters will arrive at your door. 

What about the transmission fluid?


Both the 2.5L and 3.5L need the same automatic transmission fluid. It’s a good idea to maintain or replace/flush the fluid to avoid transmission damage or replacement and this can be expensive. Consult your owner’s manual for information on intervals. You can buy the transmission fluid mentioned below and take it to your own mechanic which should reduce the cost.

We have the best oil for your 2020 Camry and the correct filters also! See below and click on each for more information and reviews! Upgrade now to the #1 oil that is made in the U.S.A. and tested for performance! 


0W-16 for a 2.5L

For the 2020 Camry 4-cylinder engine


0W-20 for a 3.5L

For the 2020 Camry 6-cylinder engine

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