2018 Toyota Camry Oil Type, Filter, and Capacity

Published on February 5th, 2023 by Searchforparts.com

The 2018 Camry is available in two engine sizes, the 4 and 6-cylinder. Each engine may have different requirements and we will cover all the correct and compatible products you need for your vehicle. Thanks for visiting our site!

How many quarts does my 2018 Camry need when doing an oil change?


This depends on the engine size. If you have a 2.5L (4-cylinder) then you will need 4.8 quarts of oil. If you have the 6-cylinder (3.5L) then you will need 5.7 quarts. Both amounts are with a filter installed.

What kind of oil should I use? Does it depend on the engine size?


Yes, depending on the engine you have will determine the oil type. The 2.5L takes 0w-16 and the 3.5L needs 0w-20. This information has been verified from the owner’s manual.

How can I find my owner’s manual?


Click below to access the owner’s manual for your Toyota.

2018 Camry Owner’s Manual

What oil filter will fit my engine?


The correct oil filter size depends on the engine. See below for suggestions for each engine. You can determine what engine size you have by looking under the hood. If you see 6 cables leading into the spark plugs then that is a 6-cylinder and 4 cables mean you have a 4-cylinder engine. This way you can choose the correct fitting filter because the wrong filter can damage your engine.

Do I need to do anything else to extend the life of my engine?

Replacing the transmission fluid will keep the transmission running great and provide lower operating engine temperatures and smooth shifting. Check your owner’s manual to see if it is time to flush the transmission fluid. Get a 100% synthetic for extra protection! See below for more information!

Keep your 2018 Camry running great for decades by protecting the engine and transmission with top-quality 100% synthetic oils and fluids. Also, below with a few clicks you can get the correct filter for your engine. Why risk the life of your engine with any brand or regular oils? Upgrade now! If you still want more information on the protection offered and even reviews, then click on the links below! 

0W-16 for a 2.5L Camry

For the 2018 Camry 4-cylinder engine


0W-20 for a 3.5L Camry

For the 2018 Camry 6-cylinder engine

Oil filter for the 2.5L Engine

Fits the 4-cylinder in a 2018 Camry

2018 camry oil filter for 6-cylinder

Oil filter for the 3.5L Engine

Fits the 6-cylinder in a 2018 Camry

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