What Capacity, Oil, and Filter Does a 2017 Camry Need?

Published on February 5th, 2023 by Searchforparts.com

In this article, we will answer several questions about oil, capacity, and filters for a 2017 Camry. This will help maintain the vehicle by choosing the correct products. Let’s begin and thank you for visiting SearchForParts.com! 

What kind of oil should I use in my vehicle?


The best and recommended oil is 0W-20. Although 5w-20 is mentioned in the owner’s manual, it is just for temporary use and you always have to go back to 0w-20 for the next oil change. 

How much oil do I need when I change the oil?


This depends on if you have a 4 or 6-cylinder engine. The 4-cylinder or 2.5L needs 4.6 quarts and the 6-cylinder or 3.5L engine takes 6.4 quarts. Both amounts are with the filter included or installed. You can figure out how many cylinders you have by counting the spark plug cables in your engine. 4 cables indicate 4-cylinders and 6 cables = 6-cylinders.

How can I find my owner’s manual?


The link below is the official manual from Toyota. We hope you find this helpful. 

2017 Camry Owner’s Manual

How can I get a correct fitting oil filter for my Camry?


Below is the correct filter for all engines. When you click the link you will get more information. It is also a high-quality filter to keep your engine clean and will fit your 2017 Camry

What else can I do to keep my Camry running awesome and extend the engine life?


Definitely check into replacing the transmission fluid with a top-quality synthetic. This will lower the operating temperature and save your transmission from costly repairs or replacement. Also, ask your mechanic if it is time for a coolant flush. See below for more products that are compatible with your Camry.

Below are products that will extend the life of your 2017 Toyota Camry! Why risk it with regular oils and any filter? Click on each product to get more information and reviews! You can take these products to your local mechanic and have everything installed or changed or do it yourself with online tutorials on YouTube!

oil 0w-20-for-2017-camry

Recommended Oil for a 2017 Camry

All engines! Protect your engine with Amsoil!

2017 Camry Cabin Air filter

Get clean air inside your Camry with this Cabin filter

Toyota Camry 2017 transmission fluid synthetic

100% Synthetic Transmission Fluid!

Great for any transmission in a 2017 Camry!

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