2015 Camry Oil Capacity, Filters, and Correct Oil Type 

Published on February 4th, 2023 by Searchforparts.com

The 2015 Camry comes in 2 engine sizes, the 4-cylinder, or 2.5L, and the 6-cylinder, or 3.5L. Both are great engines that give you the power you need. We will discuss the correct products for this vehicle and we even verified the information from the owner’s manual. Thanks for visiting SearchForParts.com!

How much oil do I need when I change the oil?


The capacity in quarts will depend on which engine you have. If you have the smaller 4-cylinder then you need 4.6 quarts and the larger 6-cylinder engine needs 6.4 quarts. Keep an extra quart available at home or in the garage since some Camry engines will just burn up oil every several weeks without any leaks.

Should I only use 0W-20 oil?


Yes, the 2015 Camry needs 0w-20 oil and this is the recommended oil type by Toyota. In case of an emergency in the event that this oil is not available then 5W-20 may be used but go back to 0W-20 for the next oil change. 

How can I find my owner’s manual?


Here is a link directly to Toyota for your vehicle. 

2015 Camry Owner’s Manual

How can I find a filter that fits my 2015 Camry?


There are so many different types of filters on the market. The 2015 Camry uses the same filter for all engine sizes so as long as you can verify that the filter you are going to purchase is for a 2015, then it should fit. If you have difficulty finding one in your area then below we have a link and with just a few clicks you can have it shipped to your door.

Do I need to do anything else to extend the life of my engine?

Look into flushing and changing the transmission fluid. Use a high-quality fluid and this will prevent gears from slipping and protect the transmission which can be expensive to replace.  Always check the oil level a few times a month. You never know when a leak is present and if the oil drains then this can damage the engine. Also, check coolant levels to prevent the car from overheating.  Using the correct octane as recommended in the manual is also a good idea. Also, if you want clean filtered air while driving, look into changing the cabin filter. Below we have a great transmission fluid and cabin filter. All of our products can be delivered to your door and you can take them to a local shop to have everything changed or installed. It is cheaper than going to the dealership.

Upgrade your transmission fluid, oil, filter, and cabin filter with the following products below. Click each product and you will get more information and technical specifications. Our oil is made in the U.S.A. and the other products are top quality! Keep your engine running great for many more years!


2015 Camry Cabin Air filter

Get clean air inside your Camry with this Cabin filter

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