2012 Toyota Camry Oil Capacity, Type, and Filter

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The 2012 Camry comes with two different engine sizes and there is also a hybrid available. Thank you for visiting our site and we aim to provide you the best information on products to maintain your vehicle.

2012 Toyota Camry Oil Capacity


The capacity in quarts varies and depends on the engine. If you have a 2.5 or 2.5L hybrid, your vehicle takes 4.7 quarts of oil. If you have a 6-cylinder 3.5L engine then it takes 6.4 quarts. These amounts of oil include the filter.

Oil type for the 2012 Toyota Camry


The 2012 Camry will need 0w-20, regardless of the engine size you have. There is no mention of 5W-30 in the manual and we verified this. You can double-check using the link later on in this article that will take you to the owner’s manual.

I need to consult the owner’s manual but lost the paper copy, where can I find it online?


You can view the manual online and here is a link for your convenience.

2012 Camry Owner’s Manual

What filter fits the 2012 Camry and are they all the same filters for all engine sizes?


There are so many different shapes and sizes of filters out there. The good news is that for this Camry it is just 1 filter size. See below for more information.

How can I find out my engine size?


A quick way to figure out what engine size you have is by finding the spark plug cables and count how many cables go into the spark plugs. 4 cables mean you have a 2.5L and 6 cables mean you have a 3.5L engine.

Take care of your 2012 Camry! Upgrade your oil and filter! Get awesome pure synthetic oil to protect your engine way better than the other brands. Amsoil is 100% synthetic and not a blend. The filter below is by Wix!

Is there something else that I can do to extend the life of my engine?


Yes, upgrade your transmission fluid to protect it because replacing a transmission is very expensive! Also, check out the cabin air filter to breathe cleaner air while driving!


Cabin Air Filter for a 2012 Camry

Breathe clean air inside your Camry by changing the filter! This is an awesome cabin air filter by Wix! Fits your 2012!

Synthetic Transmission Fluid!

For all engines in a 2012 Camry! Lasts up to 180k miles with tough as nails protection to keep your transmission running great!

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