2010 Altima Transmission Capacity and Fluid Type

Published on February 12th, 2023 by Searchforparts.com

The 2010 Altima was made with three different engine types, one being a hybrid,  and the automatic transmission fluid needed and capacity may be different for each engine. We will discuss in this article the best type of transmission fluid for your Altima and how to avoid damaging the engine.

What kind of transmission fluid should I use?


The 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines take CVT fluid NS-2 but if you have a hybrid engine then you will need Nissan Matic W ATF. Using another fluid or mixing fluids can damage the engine/transmission so make sure to identify your engine first before flushing any fluid and replacing it.

What is the transmission fluid capacity for my 2010 Altima?


The 2.5L or 4-cylinder takes 7.7 quarts, the 6-cylinder or 3.5L takes 10.8 quarts, and the 2.5L Hybrid needs 4.3 quarts. All of these capacities are total fill amounts.

Is my owner’s manual available online in case I lost it?


Yes, click below for your manual (this manual is not for the hybrid engine).

2010 Altima Manual

We have a CVT transmission fluid that not only meets what is required in the Nissan owner’s manual but exceeds it! Replacing a transmission can be very expensive and you want to have the best synthetic fluid that is compatible with your 2010 Altima! See below for details.


2010 Altima CVT Fluid (Automatic Transmission Only - Not for Hybrid Engine)

The best CVT Transmission fluid that meets and exceeds the NS2 requirement r by Nissan. Formulated for performance and quality!


Nissan Vs. Amsoil (Fluid tested at 100,000 miles with results shown above)

See the difference in protection in image above with Amsoil CVT fluid! Get rock solid protection and prevent costly repairs! Click below for more details.

What about synthetic engine oil for my Altima?


Upgrade your engine even further with the best synthetic oil to keep your engine going for many years and prevent engine damage. Why get regular oil when you can upgrade to the best synthetic on the market? Click below for engine oil and other products for your Nissan. We have top oil filters as well to keep dirt and debris out way better than other filters.

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