2009 Altima Transmission Fluid Type and Capacity

Published on February 11th, 2023 by Searchforparts.com

The Nissan Altima comes with either a 4-cylinder or a 6-cylinder engine. It also is available with a hybrid 2.5L engine. The correct transmission fluid and capacity depend on which engine you have. In this article, we will talk about the correct fluid to use and the capacity in quarts needed to completely top it off.

What is the correct ATF fluid for my Nissan Altima?


 If your Nissan is a 2.5L Hybrid then it takes Nissan Matic W Automatic Transmission fluid. This is directly from the owner’s manual. The gas engine 2.5L or 3.5L takes CVT fluid NS-2. As long as you have a regular engine and not a hybrid then CVT fluid is required. If you have a 2.5L hybrid then you will need Nissan Matic W ATF. Make sure you identify which engine you have before replacing or flushing any transmission fluid.

How much does my transmission hold in quarts? 


The 2.5L holds a total of 8.8 quarts, the 3.5L holds 10.8 quarts, and the 2.5L Hybrid will hold 4.3 quarts. 

Do you have a link to the owner’s manual for my Nissan Altima?


Yes, here is a link to the manual for the non-hybrid engines. 

2009 Nissan Altima Owner’s Manual

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2009 Altima CVT Fluid

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Nissan Vs. Amsoil

100,000 mile later the results shown above demonstrate the difference between Nissan and Amsoil CVT fluid. Upgrade now!

Do you have engine oil and other products for my Nissan?


Yes, 100% fully synthetic oil and not a blend is available to give you great protection against friction, wear, and sludge. Click the link below to upgrade and see other products for your Nissan or another vehicle.

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