What is the 2008 Camry’s Capacity, Oil Filter, and Oil Type?

Published on February 2nd, 2023 by Searchforparts.com

The 2.4 L or 4-cylinder engine and the 3.5 L or 6-cylinder engine are the two types of engines available in a 2008 Camry and each may need different types of products for maintenance. We will discuss the oil, filter, and capacity in this article, no fluff or fillers, straight to the point…..

How many quarts does each engine type need?

The 2.4L takes 4.5 quarts, and a 3.5L takes 6.4 quarts of oil.

What kind of oil or viscosity/weight do I need?

The 2.4L engine takes 0W-20 and the 3.5L takess 5W-30.

I need to see the owner’s manual but I lost it, what can I do?

Here is a link for your convenience!

2008 Toyota Camry Manual and Other Information

What oil filter fits my engine perfectly?

Below we will suggest a few filters that will fit each engine size so with a few clicks you can be assured that you will have the correct filter!

Do I have a 4-cylinder (2.4L) or a 6-cylinder (3.5L) Camry?

Look underneath the hood and find the spark plug cables, 4 cables mean you have a 4-cylinder and 6 is a 6-cylinder. This method works for any engine.

Upgrade your oil now! Why risk low-quality oil or blends? Get the best synthetic for your Toyota that is tough as nails! Keep your engine running great with a compatible filter for your engine also. See below and click on each product to get more information and positive reviews!


0w20 Synthetic for a Camry

For the 2.4L 4 cylinder engine in a 2008

5W30 Synthetic for a Camry

For the 3.5L/6-cylinder engine in a 2008

Filter for the 2.4 liter engine

Oil filter for the 4-cylinder Toyota Camry


For the 3.5L engine in a 2008

Oil filter for the 6-cylinder Toyota Camry

What other products should I check out to keep my 2008 Camry well-maintained?


An air filter for the engine and a synthetic transmission fluid will help extend the life of your Toyota. Please click below to explore more products.

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