2007 Nissan Altima Transmission Fluid Type and Capacity

Published on February 11th, 2023 by Searchforparts.com

The 2007 Altima is available in three different engines (one is a hybrid) and the automatic transmission fluid type and capacity needed may be different for each engine. Also, we will mention how to find information for a manual transmission.

Which transmission fluid does my 2007 Altima require?

This depends on the engine you have. If you have a 2.5/4-cylinder or 3.5L/6-cylinder engine (not hybrid), then it takes CVT fluid NS-2 . See below for an oil that meets the NS-2 requirement. Mixing fluids or using something else that is not NS-2 will damage the engine. If your Nissan is a 2.5L Hybrid then it takes Nissan Matic W Automatic Transmission fluid. This is directly from the owner’s manual.

What is the capacity of each engine?

The 2.5L takes 8.8 quarts, the 3.5L takes 10.8 quarts, and the 2.5L Hybrid takes 4.3 quarts. All of these capacities are total fill.

I need my owner’s manual but lost it, can I find it online?


Yes, for your convenience here is a link to read the owner’s manual.

2007 Nissan Altima Owner’s Manual

2007 Nissan Altima Owner’s Manual (Hybrid engine)

See below for NS-2 compatible fluids for the 2.5 or 3.5L Nissan Altima (2007). These fluids are for the gas engines only and are not compatible with the hybrid 2.5.L (HEV) engine which requires Nissan Matic W.


2007 Altima CVT Fluid

Awesome CVT Transmission fluid that meets the NS2 requirement stated by Nissan. 2007 Altima CVT Fluid (Automatic Transmission Only - Not for Hybrid Engine)


Nissan Vs. Amsoil

100,000 mile transmission inspection testing Nissan NS2 vs Amsoil CVT! Amsoil protected way better because of the lack of wear!

What about engine oil for my Nissan Altima?


We have a 100% synthetic by Amsoil that will keep your engine running great! Click below!

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