What is the Capacity of a 2003 Camry and Which Filter Fits?

Published on January 30th, 2023 by Searchforparts.com

Thank you for visiting our site! We will cover everything you need to maintain your 2003 Camry such as the type of oil, filter, and the capacity needed in quarts. Your Camry has one of  two engines, the 2.4L or the 3.0L  (4 or 6-cylinder engine).

How much oil does a 2003 Camry need?

The 2.4L needs 4 quarts and the 3.0L needs 5 quarts of oil. In our experience, it is a good idea to have an extra quart available in case you need to top off the oil due to routine consumption

What kind of oil does an ’03 Camry require?

Toyota recommends 5W-30 for either engine. 

Where can I find the owner’s manual?

You can find more information and resources by visiting the following link.

2003 Camry Manuals and Resources

What kind of filter will fit perfectly? There are so many choices out there!

This depends on which engine you have in your Camry. Below we have the correct filters that will fit! Sometimes locally it is hard to find a filter so you can easily order the correct filter with a few clicks below!

I am not sure which engine size I have, is there a good way to figure this out?

Yes, just pop the hood and find the cables that go to the spark plugs. If you have 4 cables then it is a 4-cylinder or 2.4, and 6 cables mean you have a 6-cylinder or 3.0L. 

Keep your 2003 Camry going strong with super top-quality products to extend engine life! Below you will find the correct oil and filters! The oil is 100% synthetic and not a blend and the filters are by Wix and will fit your engine! Upgrade now and prevent costly repairs!


High-quality Synthetic

5W-30 100% Synthetic for a 2003 Camry


Oil filter for the 4-cylinder Camry

For the 2.4L engine in a 2003 Camry

Oil filter for the 6-cylinder Camry

For the 3.0L engine in a 2003 Camry

What kind of transmission fluid does my Camry need?


Below you will find the best automatic transmission fluid for your ’03 Camry. Also an awesome air filter by Wix!


Air filter for a 2003 Toyota Camry

Keep your engine clean with this high quality air filter by Wix! Keep dirt and debris out which can harm your engine!


Synthetic Transmission Fluid!

For the 2.3L or 3.0L engine in a 2003 Camry. Changing the automatic transmission fluid will save you costly repairs

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