Oil Type, Filter, and Capacity of a 2002 Camry

published on January 21, 2023 by Searchforparts.com

There are two engines that are possible in a 2002 Camry, the 2.4L and the 3.0L engine. For the 2.4L (this is a 4-cylinder) you will need 4 quarts of oil and it takes 5W-30. The 3.0L (this engine is a 6-cylinder) also takes 5W-30 but needs 5 quarts of oil. We went and verified this information from the owner’s manual for your convenience. Also, the manual states that “If you use SAE 10W−30 engine oil in extremely low temperatures, the engine may become difficult to start, so SAE 5W−30 engine oil is recommended.” (Toyota, 2002, p. 251).

We have experience with this Camry in particular since it was one of our first vehicles here at SearchForParts way back many years ago. We noticed it tends to burn up oil quickly without having any leaks. 1 quart a month too quickly as we were using a regular shelf brand from a local chain store. We then tested our Signature Series oil on this engine and it significantly reduced oil consumption. The engine also lasted 180,000 miles or so before we sold it and we only changed the oil 1 time per year! We hope you find this information useful. If you want to protect the engine in your Camry and have it last past 200k miles and reduce oil consumption then we recommend the Signature Series oil below with the Amsoil filter.

Below is the oil and oil filter we used in our Camry! It would last up to a year and significantly reduced burning oil in our experience. Even if your Camry is not burning oil these are great products to help keep your Camry running for many more years! Great vehicle, it was one of the best vehicles we ever owned since it never left us stranded or would never break down!

5W30 Synthetic for the 2002 Camry

Recommended oil for the 4 or 6-cylinder.


Oil Filter for the 2.4L

Fits the 2002 Camry, keeps engine super clean!

Oil Filter for the 3.0L

For the 6-cylinder engine! Upgrade now!

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Our source is cited below and the link can also be helpful if you lost your owner’s manual for your 2002 Camry.

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