The Best Synthetic Oil in 2021

By Search for Parts Staff – Updated January 1st, 2021

Tired of changing your oil often? Get the best synthetic oil for your car, boat, truck, rig, 18-wheeler, snowmobile, jet ski, UTV or ATV. Protect your engine and save money and time on repairs. If you want to see why Amsoil is the top oil you can buy for your vehicle or truck then please see the video that is displayed at the end of the page. It is an awesome demonstration of how Amsoil was tested.

Watch commercials, ads, or even look at that poster at the car dealership that state they they use the best synthetic oil for your vehicle. That’s fine and dandy, but where is the proof? Where is the evidence and facts to support claims that brand xyz oil is better than brand abc? Well, thanks to Project Farm, there is updated and recent evidence that Amsoil came out ahead. The funny part is that it is not frequently advertised. Amsoil does not run ads day and night.

Although you will not see television commericials or hear radio ads for Amsoil, you will probably see blogs and videos on Youtube about it and they do have a big fan base. Most people tend to believe that another oil they grew up using when they bought their first vehicle is the best oil. Well, this may be true as any synthetic is superior to any regular or conventional oil. If you use the common and popular brands that are usually found on the shelf at the auto store then there is nothing wrong with that! Actually, we would like to congratulate you for using a synthetic to protect your engine. A synthetic oil will definitely provide better protection compared to a regular oil. 

On the other hand, if you would like a synthetic that is top quality and exceeds expectations then please watch the video below and see which oil is really the best. This has been up for debate on car forums, among family members, at car shows, and even mechanics. Ask three different mechanics which oil they prefer and you will get three different answers. 

If you really want to finally have the question “Which oil is the best?”, well it has been answered. Here is the video and don’t forget to upgrade your oil with the winner using the links above or below. 

Thank you for visiting and enjoy the video!

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Don't Let Regular Oil Slow You Down

17 thoughts on “The Best Synthetic Oil in 2021”

  1. Pennzoil made it before Mobil 1?? no way. My mechanic told me to check this page out that’s how I got here, been going to him for 20 years and I always request Mobil 1, he asked if I wanted something better I said no such thing, but I guess he has a point, watched the video and first thought it was sponsored or paid by amsoil, turns out the guy in the video has nothing to do with amsoil. Will be looking into this, gotta find out what oil my vehicle uses

  2. I used Mobil 1 synthetic for years. I had oil consumption issues, but just blamed it on the engine and assuming it was normal. I was so brainwashed by all of the ads. I was going to get my engine rebuilt because of the oil consumption. I tried Amsoil and it completely stopped. You have no idea how much I was relieved. I had two new Audi’s that burned a lot of Castrol synthetic (which the turbo’s are known to burn oil). The Amsoil European oil dramatically reduced the consumption. I was so pleased. Engines are so expensive to overhaul or replace. I’d rather spend a little bit extra on the oil and completely avoid the engine replacement. A friend of mine had an old ’98 Dodge Dakota that he started Amsoil since brand new. He would change the oil every 25,000 miles. One day a part had to be replaced on the back of the engine that required removal of the valve cover. When I saw the inside internals, my jaw was ON THE FLOOR. I could not believe how clean and new it looked doing 25,000 mile oil drain intervals (as his engine qualified for it, not all do.) That had me SOLD on how good this oil was. You did an amazing job making this web site. You have a lot of great information on here. Keep up the great work!

  3. I just dropped Mobil 1 like a bad habit. I am super picky with what I put in my vehicle. Seen friends and family burn up and trash engines with the cheap regular oil they use. The sludge that builds up is insane! Thank you for sharing that video and it was not sponsored by any company so seems legit! I have a 2015 Honda Accord and need to have it last for as long as possible!

  4. found you on a forum discussing toyota camrys and how some have oil consumption problems. My camry burns up oil at a slow pace and it is something I have to constantly monitor. There are no leaks found in my car. Saw posts that Amsoil may help limit the oil consumption, worth a try because I have tried all kinds of oil. Also like the fact that I can drive without changing the oil for a year, I don’t drive much but I am not spending hard earned money at a jiffy lube type place every few months.

  5. Great info and video. I have been using regular oil for a while and after researching I see that synthetic is better. Did not know what synthetic oil to pick and this page came up on a search, glad I found it, made my decision easy! saved me hours!!

  6. at first glance I thought you were the ones who made the video. Good to see someone else did cause every site on the internet these days has some video and hype made by themselves just to sell you whatever product. I am tired of the dealership putting their “top quality” oil in my 2016 Camaro. I need something better or the best. Tired of the unnecessary up-selling to at the dealership, just gonna buy 2 years of oil here and call it a day.

  7. That video is recent, interesting stuff. I hope they do it again to determine the best synthetic oil in 2020. I am sure it would be Amsoil again but it would be fun to see a yearly event where oils battle. I have been using Amsoil for a while and just did a search to see what was the latest news and info on it and as I can see it is still going strong.

    Been using it since 2005 and never will use another oil. Glad to see that I have been using the best. Never had any issues and my engine never has to go for repairs in various vehicles that have passed 150 thousand miles.

  8. found your page searching for a great oil and I am glad I spent time searching. I was about to buy Pennzoil and now I will go with Amsoil. Seems like a rock solid oil since my Ford truck has high mileage on it and needs something to protect the engine.

  9. This is not the best synthetic oil in 2020….it has been the best synthetic oil for the past two decades that I have been using it, get your facts straight (lol)

    yea been using Amsoil forever, never will use another oil again, all my vehicles have lasted with no engine problems and when I would change the oil it would come out clean. I also use your coolants, environmentally friendly stuff.

    the other synthetic oils are good, not saying they are bad but if you want the best, then Amsoil is the way to go.

  10. I cannot understand why my mechanic only offers the same old stuff which doesn’t seem too good compared to Amsoil after watching the video. He doesn’t even offer any of the runner up oils, scratching my head here, will order and figure out either to do it on my own or find another place to do it, the stuff he offers is like generic stuff I never heard of!

  11. one would think that the dealerships would reduce some of their prices for services these days but nooooooo….. They continue to charge high prices and upsell you maintenance packages that are usually unecessary.

    ….have a 2016 Kia Optima and 2017 Ford Mustang and going to order all fluids, coolants, brake fluid, etc for each vehicle and avoid the dealership….good info, thank you….too bad you guys don’t have a shop where I can just pull in and get it all done, products look great and the video helped me clear up some doubts.

  12. Solid video by an independent party. I searched my vehicle (a 2017 Acura TLX) and all products were listed on one page, very convenient and I like the fact that you offer Wix filters as well, not just Amsoil.

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