All About Full Synthetic Oil (0W-20)

Published May 20, 2024, by Joseph Feghali

Thank you for visiting  Today we are going to discuss what full synthetic 0W-20 motor oil is and how it is a high-performance lubricant made for modern gasoline engines. Let’s break down what those numbers and words mean.

The “0W” refers to how thin the oil is when your engine is cold. The lower the number, the better the oil flows when starting up your engine. The “W” just means “winter.” (Yes, many people cannot believe it means this and not weight. We always forget.)

The “20” shows how thin the oil is at normal driving temperatures. A lower number like 20 means the oil is thinner and moves more easily than higher numbers like 30 or 40.

So 0W-20 is a thin oil that protects your engine really well when starting up and keeps things moving smoothly when driving.

The term “full synthetic” means the oil is completely synthetic, rather than being made from crude oil. Full synthetics work better than conventional oils or blended oil which is part synthetic and part regular. Here are the advantages of synthetic oil.

– They flow better in cold temperatures for easier start-ups
– They increase gas mileage because of reduced friction
– They resist breaking down for a longer oil life
– They protect engine parts from wear and tear extremely well

Full synthetic 0W-20 oils are approved for use in modern vehicles. As engines get smaller and more advanced, 0W-20 is increasingly recommended for saving gas and protection from extreme heat.

In short, full synthetic 0W-20 motor oil provides outstanding cold start protection, better gas mileage, and long engine life for today’s hard-working yet fuel-efficient vehicles. Many modern engines, especially those with fuel-saving technologies like direct injection, turbochargers, and auto start/stop, need to use 0W-20 thin oil. That low viscosity provides just the right amount of lubrication for these advanced, high-tech engines and still meets the manufacturer’s specs.

 In simple terms, 0W-20 is a special thin oil that makes cold starts easier, improves gas mileage, and is required for lubricating some of the latest fuel-efficient car engines on the market today.

The History of 0W-20 Oil


0W-16 and even lower viscosity oils, like 0W-20, were first introduced in Japan before 2000 by Japanese automakers looking to improve fuel economy. Japanese oil company JXTG Nippon was an early pioneer in developing low-viscosity formulations.

In the early 2000s, Honda teamed up with Idemitsu to make a 0W-20 oil specifically for their new hybrid vehicles, like the Insight, to improve fuel efficiency. After rigorous testing, Honda started factory-filling the Insight with Idemitsu 0W-20 synthetic oil around 2003.

Other Japanese automakers quickly followed suit: Nissan began using 0W-20 in 2006, and Toyota in 2009, as factory fill for improved fuel economy. Idemitsu brought its 0W-20 formulation to the U.S. market in 2010. 0W-20 is now one of the fastest-growing viscosity grades recommended by manufacturers.

While 0W-16 oils provided even greater fuel economy gains over 0W-20, the development of an API service category for 0W-16 stalled during the creation of the GF-6 specification. Ultra-low viscosity 0W-20 and lighter oils were pioneered in Japan in the early 2000s to increase fuel efficiency, with Idemitsu and JXTG playing key roles before global adoption by automakers.

The Best Full 0W-20 Synthetic Oil


Amsoil backs up every claim they make and that is one of the many reasons I love it! I have used it to cut down on oil consumption and extend the life of my engine. I also have fewer engine repairs and just the fact that Amsoil cut down the oil consumption in a problematic engine that I had tells me it is a tough oil. Upgrade now using the link below and get the best 0W-20 oil that is fully synthetic and not a blend.

AMSOIL Signature Series synthetic motor oil provides superior engine protection and performance. It resists wear and power loss 75% better than conventional oils while providing 50% more cleaning power to stop sludge buildup. The oil neutralizes 28% more corrosive acids than Mobil 1. This oil is trusted by experts and will protect your engine for up to 25,000 miles or a year, guaranteed!

full synthetic oil 0w 20-test1
full synthetic oil 0w 20-test1

Not convinced? Watch this video!

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