Featured Heavy Weight Fight – Amsoil and Mobil 1 Go Head to Head!

by Search For Parts – Updated March 2, 2020

OK, we are sure you have heard about both oils, Amsoil and Mobil 1 and if you are here you are looking for more information on both of these synthetics. This has been an ongoing battle between these two brands to claim the heavy weight title of synthetic oil.

There has been plenty of debate and back and forth arguments on car forums, and among car enthusiasts about which is the best synthetic oil out there. Specifically when it comes to asking about synthetics, it usually boils down to one question. “Which is better, Amsoil or Mobil 1”?

This question was even asked on the Mobil 1 web site by a customer or user and they tippy toed around the issue. But let’s go round by round, a boxing match of oils let’s call it, and see who wins. You will be the judge! Ready to keep score? Good! Each round will be a synthetic oil test with a graph shown. The winner in that round gets 1 point.

Amsoil Vs Mobil One Boxing gloves

Let’s get ready to rumble! All tests were done by a third party lab just like the referee in a boxing ring is a third party or neutral. Just like celebrities, MMA fighters, and boxers have beef with each other, so do both Mobil 1 and Amsoil. So let’s get right to it and settle the score.

Round 1: The 4-Ball Wear Test

This test will demonstrate how well an oil can protect metal parts from each other inside of an engine. The test involves metal balls which are covered in oil, synthetic of course in this test, and then are moved rapidly inside the testing machine. When inspected for scars, the smaller the better the protection. Check out the graph below and see that Amsoil wins the first round.


Amsoil comes out with the smaller injury! 

Round 1 Score: Amsoil 1 Mobil 0

Round 2: Total Base Number a.k.a TBN

The higher the “Total Base Number” the better the result. This means the oil tested is able to fight off contaminants and acidity. In addition to this, the TBN is a good indicator regarding how rapidly a synthetic oil will break down. The higher this number, the better the oil’s ability to protect against corrosion. Look at the chart down below and see that Amsoil comes out a winner in round 2. If you are already convinced which is the best synthetic motor oil then you can order now and protect your engine from extreme conditions.

TBN Testing Winner Amsoil

Amsoil comes out with a higher TBN number!

Round 2 Score: Amsoil 2 Mobil 0

Cold Crank Viscosity Test

In frigid temperatures, engine oil tends to thicken, leading to difficult starting. A cold cranking test was performed to see how the lubricants would perform in a -22º F climate. In sub-zero temperatures, AMSOIL had the highest viscosity of all the oils, indicating it would provide the easiest engine starting. 

In extreme cold, a motor oil will get thicker which prevent an engine from starting. This test will show if an oil can handle extreme cold. Will Amsoil come out winning? Or will Mobil 1 win this round. Look at the chart below. Amsoil had the lowest cold cranking viscosity which means it wasn’t as thick as the others. This will provide a much better cold start for those winter months.

Amsoil Viscosity Mobil 1 Viscosity Test

Better cold starts in this test! Amsoil wins!

Score: Amsoil 3 Mobil 0

Thermo-Oxidation Engine Oil Simulation Test

Under high temperatures, deposits are formed. This test will measure the amount of deposits formed when an oil is under extreme heat. The deposits in this test are measured in milligrams. Amsoil has 5 mg and Mobil has approximately 22 or so mg of deposits. Clearly Amsoil wins this round. See below.


Amsoil had less deposits in this round.

Score: Amsoil 4 Mobil 0

NOACK Volatility Test

The NOACK volatility test determines how well a lubricant will retain its weight under extreme temperatures. This is determined by measuring weight of the oil before and after testing. In this situation, Red Line High Performance Motor Oil performed the best with approximately 5.5% weight loss. AMSOIL, however, also did well, losing only about 7% of its weight!

This test will show how much an oil will keep its weight under very high temperatures. The weight of the lubricant is measured before and after the test. Check out the following chart.


Amsoil lost only 7% of its original weight and it looks like Mobil lost 8.5%. 

Amsoil 5 Mobil 0

The match is over folks. Amsoil is declared the winner. Again, the above were performed by an independent third party and we have the link at the end of this article which gives more specifics on testing. There are many more benefits from using Amsoil. Click or press here to find out how Amsoil can save you money!

Now some people will debate that some rounds or testing were super close. Well let’s give you an analogy using sports. Do the NBA champs have to sweep to win that trophy? Does a Superbowl winner have to win 45-0 to be champs? Nope. A win is a win. At the end of the day when you look at your team’s record, there is no asterisk in that win column.

Same here, round after round Amsoil wins the synthetic oil boxing match. Of course in real boxing, both fighters are great in a heavy weight championship match. We are not saying that Mobil 1 is awful. It is a good oil and if you have purchased it, then we are not saying you made a bad choice. You actually did your research and picked a good oil.

Now wouldn’t it make sense to pick even a better oil? One that is made in the U.S.A. and has a higher drain interval. One that has superior filters to go with that awesome oil? Upgrade your oil now. Save time and money (and costly repairs).

Get an awesome filter with your oil as well! Search your vehicle here and order Amsoil today!

Amsoil was founded in 1972 and then years after all the other synthetic oil brands started to appear on the market such as Mobil, Royal Purple, and Red Line. The other brands are proving what Amsoil knew all along. That synthetic motor oil is superior.

Thank you for visiting our site. We greatly appreciate it. Sources below.

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  1. I am sure they are both great oils and I would love to test them myself plenty of data out there shows that Amsoil inches ahead. Great for my motorcycle and boat too!!

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