The 2011 Toyota Camry’s Correct Oil Type, Capacity, and Filter

Published on February 3rd, 2023 by

The 2011 is available as a hybrid 2.4L engine, a 2.5L, or a 3.5 liter and each needs a certain oil type and filter. The capacities are different for each engine. We will discuss everything you need to maintain your Camry!

What is the capacity in quarts for each engine?


The 2.4 liter hybrid (engine code [B] 2AZ-FXE) takes 4.5 quarts, the 2.5L (engine code 2AR-FE) needs 4.6 quarts, and the 3.5 liter (engine code 2GRFE) requires 6.4 quarts. All capacities mentioned include the filter. Later we will show you how to figure out which engine you have.

What type of oil does each engine need? 


The 2.4L hybrid and 2.5L require 0w-20 and the 3.5L or 6-cylinder engine takes 5W-30 oil.

Is there an owner’s manual available online in case I lost mine?

Yes, you can find it using the following link.

2011 Camry Owner’s Manual

What filter will fit my engine in a 2011 Camry?


The correct filter for your engine is important to prevent problems and/or damage. Below we will display a few filters that will fit. Make sure you identify which engine you have before buying. 

How do I know if I have a 2.4 hybrid, 2.5L, or 3.5L engine?


Find your VIN number located on the inner passenger door sticker, on the dashboard, or even on your car insurance or car registration. If the 5th digit in your VIN is a B, then it is a a 2.4 Hybrid, if it is an F, then you have a 2.5L, if the letter is a K, you have a 3.5L engine. 

The Camry is a great vehicle as it is super reliable! We have owned several and they never left us stranded, we had one that we kept and lasted close to 200,000 miles before we sold it. We maintained it with the best quality oil and filters. Below you will find great products to keep your engine running awesome for many more years! Upgrade now! Click on each product for more information!


0w20 Synthetic for a Camry

For the 2.4L hybrid or 2.5L Camry (2011)

5W30 Synthetic for a Camry

For the 3.5L/6-cylinder engine in a 2011


Filter for a 2.4 liter engine

Fits the 2011 Camry hybrid engine only.


2.5/3.5L Oil Filter for a 2011

Oil filter for the 6-cylinder Toyota Camry

What else can I replace or upgrade to keep my Camry running great?


Transmission fluid, engine filters, cabin filters, and coolants! Click below to upgrade! Transmission fluid is super important because replacing it can be expensive.

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