What is the Transmission Fluid Capacity of a 2004 Nissan Altima?

Published on February 9th, 2023 by Searchforparts.com

We will discuss in this article the capacity and transmission fluid type you will need for your 2004 Altima. This vehicle comes in two different engine sizes but the required fluid is the same.

What requirements does my fluid need to meet?


The Altima requires approved fluids such as Nissan Matic, DexronTM III/MerconTM, or something else that meets or exceeds these requirements. Later in this article, we will display a few that are compatible with your vehicle.

How much fluid do I need in quarts?


The 2004 Altima needs 9.7 quarts of fluid to completely fill the transmission back up again after a complete drain.

Is there a link to the owner’s manual?


Click below for your 2004 owner’s manual

2004 Nissan Altima Owner’s Manual

The following fluids are great for your 2004 Altima’s transmission to keep it protect and running great. Meets and even exceeds requirements stated in the owner’s manual. We have the regular transmission fluid and our Signature Series which was tested and did not lose its protection at 180,000 miles. Upgrade now and avoid expensive repairs or even replacement.


100% Synthetic Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

Get this awesome fluid for your 2004 Altima! Smoother shifting, great for cold weather and helps protect against leaks. Click for more information and reviews! Your engine will be happy with this fluid!


Signature Series Automatic Transmission Fluid

This formula is built tough against heat, clogs, sludge, and it has even been tested to not break down after 180,000 miles of harsh driving. Click to get more information and real online reviews about how great t

What about a manual transmission?


Visit the link below to search for manual transmission lube, air filters, cabin filters, and other cool products for your Nissan.

What else can I do to protect my engine?

Keep an eye on the engine oil level in case a leak happens so that you can catch it on time and top off the oil. Flush the radiator and get fresh coolant to keep temperatures optimal. Replace the oil filter with a high-end filter. Drop regular oil and get synthetic engine oil to protect even more.  Click below to search engine oil for your Altima and even search the capacity for the correct amount when changing the oil.

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