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Sampling of Satisfied AMSOIL Customers

Troy Michigan Police and City Hall Fleet
This letter is a summary of a letter written by the Superintendent of Motor Pool. Please contact us if you would like the full letter mailed or faxed to you.

The City of Troy, Michigan has switched its entire Police and City Hall Fleet (approximately 350 vehicles) to AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants.

History: In the past, all marked and unmarked police vehicles would come in monthly for an oil change, lube and safety check. As a test, we switched two marked Chevrolet Caprice vehicles over to 100% synthetic AMSOIL engine oil and extended the drain intervals to 20,000 miles, with a new oil filter installed at 10,000 miles. The vehicles were still scheduled to come in monthly for a safety inspection (tires, brakes, suspension, lights, etc...), but the oil is not drained, only a sample is taken. When the two test vehicles reached 70,000 miles, the City of Troy technicians removed the oil pans and also removed the main and rod bearings to check for wear using the plastic gauge test. The bearings showed very little wear. the same procedure was performed on two marked cars, same year, make and model, using petroleum oil. The wear on the two vehicles with petroleum oil, changed monthly at about 2,500-3,000 miles, showed slightly more wear in the plastic guage test. The results were well within specifications in both cases.

Currently the city is using all Ford Crown Victorias in its police fleet. With the help of oil analysis, we were able to extend our oil changes to 18,000-20,000 miles with a new filter installed at 9,000-10,000 miles. We are currently using AMSOIL synthetic engine, transmission, and rear differential oil in all vehicles serviced out of the city hall facility.

SAVINGS: Savings have been noticed due to the decrease in number of oil filters and quarts of oil purchased and disposed of. Labor time to complete a preventative maintenance (A or B) on a vehicle has been reduced, allowing up to 50% more vehicles to be serviced each day. To date, we have not had to re-build an engine or transmission with the new extended oil change intervals.

Interstate Battery System of Detroit, Inc.

This letter is a summary of a letter received from the President of Interstate Battery of Detroit. Please contact us if you would like the full letter mailed, faxed or e-mailed to you.

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the AMSOIL program that you helped set us up with. For the past 25 years our fleet of trucks, mostly Navistar/International 4600 Series trucks, have been using regular petroleum-base lubrication products. We thought that we were happy with our lubrication program until we were introduced to AMSOIL.

I was very reluctant to switch from regular lubricants to fully synthetic lubricants because the benefits of AMSOIL seemed too good to be true. To be honest, when I was told that the motor oil could go as long as 100,000+ miles without changing, I didn't believe it. I can tell you now I am a true believer.

We have been using AMSOIL now for about 4 years and have changed the entire fleet to AMSOIL synthetic lubricants. We use the By-Pass oil filtration system on all of our trucks with the Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel and Marine 15W-40 oil. We use AMSOIL grease and use the 75W-90 gear lube for the manual transmissions and differentials and the synthetic ATF transmission fluid for the automatics.

What do I get out of using AMSOIL? A lot!! After becoming fully synthetic on all of my trucks, I picked up an average of 5% in fuel savings. I haven't had to change my oil since I switched...4 years ago! I can't tell you how much money that has saved me in time alone. I have several trucks with over 100,000 miles on the oil and I am still getting high marks when I send the oil in for analysis But the best benefit is the decreased wear and tear on my equipment such as the pistons, cylinder heads and walls, transmission gears and differential gears. That is the most important to me because it means I can leverage my fleet longer, which translates into saved dollars. It means I can put those extra dollars to work in another area of my business. My average truck life has gone from 7 years to more than 15 years! UNBELIEVABLE! I have estimated the savings from better leverage alone will save me over $20,000 per year.

Thanks for all the help as I've implemented this new program. I am absolutely ecstatic about the results so far and I look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with you and AMSOIL.

Old Faithful Snowmobile Tours, Inc


As you know, we operate a fleet of 27 Polaris snowmobiles. Last season was the first season that we used AMSOIL synthetic motor oil in all of our machines. We noticed that the machines smoked less, were easier to start in cold weather, and plug fouling was greatly reduced as a result of our use of AMSOIL. More importantly, with all of our machines having a minimum of 4,500 miles of use last season, not one experienced an engine-related problem.

Our primary focus is multi-day tours of the surrounding area. A breakdown during a tour is very costly and inconvenient for both our company and our guests. AMSOIL products outperformed our previous oil, and I believe it was key to keeping all of our sled on the snow last season. Based on our experiences, I would highly recommend the product.

Craig Koll, Owner
Old Faithful Snowmobile Tours, Inc
Jackson, WY

Action Tree Service Inc. of Oakland County:

Action Tree Service Inc, is one of the premier tree service companies in the state of Michigan and is often called upon to handle some very tough jobs. Action Tree is well equipped for routine tree care, logging, climbing, large lot clearing and emergency storm response.

All light, medium and heavy duty trucks, chippers, loaders and other equipment has been converted to AMSOIL lubricants and filtration systems. Action Tree has some of the most specialized equipment in the business, including a custom designed 80 foot in reach aerial lift bucket truck which is a 2000 model year, 4900 Series International DT466 275 H.P. diesel with an Allison New World transmission. The company also has several large swaploader diesel trucks and Ford Powerstroke Diesel trucks.

All of Action Tree's vehicles and equipment use only AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and filtration systems. Every truck is equipped with AMSOIL 15W-40 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Oil, Dual-Gard (for large diesels) or Dual-Remote (for Ford Powerstrokes) filtration system, AMSOIL gear lube and AMSOIL synthetic automatic transmission fluid. Each of the large diesel trucks has 77 grease fittings and lubrication points which are all lubricated with AMSOIL GHD Heavy Duty Moly Fortified Synthetic Grease. Since switching to GHD, Action tree has drastically reduced the frequency of required greasing due to the greases superior performance, while providing much improved lubrication and protection to critical components. All chippers and stump grinders use an autolube system with AMSOIL GLA synthetic multi-purpose grease.

Owner Adam Camden states that one of the biggest improvements that they have noticed has been drastically improved cold weather starting and significantly reduced maintenance and downtime along with the security of knowing his equipment is protected with the best lubricants available anywhere.

An interesting side note is that owner Adam Camden spends a great deal of time researching, testing and going to industry trade shows seeking out the very best products and equipment. Adam states that AMSOIL is the very best there is and continuously promotes AMSOIL products to his friends and other commercial businesses he works with and proudly displays AMSOIL decals on his equipment, shop facility doors and hangs the large AMSOIL banner at the company facility. Adam is extremely pleased with the personalized service and technical support he receives from AMSOIL Dealer and Automotive/Truck Engineer Dave Mann.

Action Tree Service also distributes specialized tree tools, loaders, chippers, equipment and many other fine products.

Eastwood Excavating of Traverse City, MI

Thank you for introducing us to the AMSOIL product line. Although this is our first construction season using AMSOIL products, we are experiencing a lot of good things. I will try to highlight some of the things that we've experienced to date. First of all, we had changed all of our fluids to AMSOIL in February 2000. We have yet to experience an oil change. To date all we've had to do is change the filters and draw a sample, send it in, get the results and experience more extended oil service life. Consequently, we've not had to dispose of any oil. Our services are so simple. We now perform them in the field instead of in the shop as we used to because all we need to do again is draw a sample, change the filter and top the fluid off. While the initial cost of the change over from our past oils to the AMSOIL system was expensive, it was certainly worth it because of the change over, we have a much better filter system providing us with much less equipment wear which provides longer equipment life with less overhauls and rebuilds.

Cinjo Racing

Michigan-based Cinjo Racing Team competes in the American Race Truck Series (ARTS). ARTS is based out of Phoenix, AZ but sanctions racing across the country. The trucks are very similar to those in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. Cinjo is also connected to the prestigious Roush Industries of NASCAR fame. John Neece from Cinjo calls AMSOIL, "The recognized leader in synthetic engine oils, automatic transmission fluids, and rear axle lubricants for high performance applications"

We are at your service. Please contact us for a presentation or for a free literature and information packet.

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Satisfied Amsoil Racing Customers

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Customer Tesimonials:

Satisfied Customers Praise AMSOIL

"We have a $15,000 motor to protect. That's why we use AMSOIL."
- Brian Cardiff,
Hawaiian Punch Monster Truck Owner

"I own NASCAR race teams and a car dealership in Colorado Springs. I have been a long time user of AMSOIL products in both enterprises. AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are required for my late model race cars and the tow vehicles hauling these cars. My service department at the dealership is required to feature and use AMSOIL products. From dependable, high speed lubricants to hand cleaner, we rely on AMSOIL to get the job done"
-Mike Bonicelli,
Bonicelli Racing Enterprises

Where you can use Amsoil
Performance & Competition:
Performance vehiclesneed performance oil. AMSOIL Synthetic Racing Oil reduces heat and wear whil providing quicker engine response and increased horsepower
AMSOIL stock car racing
AMSOIL keeps classic cars running new
Custom & Show :
Vehicles stored for long periods of otime need rust and corrosion protection. AMSOIL motor oils and fuel stabalizer protects against harmful conditions to preserve irreplaceable engines

Snowmobiles & Personal Watercraft :
AMSOIL Series 2000 2-Cycle Racing Oil maintains a higher level of lubricity than 2-cycle petroleum oill, while dramatically reducing friction and wear.
AMSOIL keeps snowmobiles running like new
AMSOIL keeps campers and motorhomes running like new Motorhomes & RVs:
Motorhomes and RVs operate in the widest range of environments and temperature extremes. AMSOIL Motor Oils provide dependable starts, maximum power amd increased fuel economy.
4-Wheel Drives:
AMSOIL Gear Lubes and motor oils provide the hard pounding protection needed by 4x4s. Even under the most extremeconditions and temperatures, AMSOIL lubricants perform and protect
AMSOIL keeps your SUV running great
Family & Personal:
AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and filtration products provide unsurpassed, long-lasting service and protection for cars, trucks and other family fleet equipment.