Amsoil - The best synthetic motor oil.

Amsoil, the company who is known as the first in synthetics, was founded in 1972 by Al Amatuzio, a jet fighter pilot who researched synthetic oils in the 1960s. Amsoil created synthetic oils for vehicles operation under severe conditions. Amsoil also created fuel additives, filtration systems and many other products to improve and extend the performance of lubricants. severe operating conditions.

Trust in Amsoil to protect your vehicle beyond what any other synthetic motor oil can do.

Search your vehicle and protect your car, truck, or van!

Amsoil, an American owned and operated business, is based in Superior, Wisconsin where all Amsoil products and oils are blended, packaged, and distributed across North America including Canada. Amsoil proudly states that they make the best synthetic oil in the world and challenges anyone or any other competitor or company to to prove them wrong.

Amsoil is licensed by the American Petroleum Institute (API), certified by NSF International which , s an American product testing, inspection and certification organization, and approved by Mack Trucks. Amsoil is the official sponsor of the AMA Supercross Championship.